Zong Xueqin sneered,How could this simple measurement fool her?

“rest assured,I won’t kill you,Because I want you to watch Xia Chenglong come back,Then kneeling in front of me begging for mercy,But you still have some abilities,I’m not at ease just letting you stay。” After the woman finished speaking,The scary red energy went towards the old man’s body,Two forces collide at this moment,Then there is […]

Thought of here,I want to walk in when I raise my leg。

“Situ Yan, right??”An arrogant voice came。 Stop,Looked back,I saw Wang Zhenjie standing there a little arrogantly,The iconic sneer on the face,Some eyes are not polite at all, looking back and forth on themselves。 I hate this look the most on weekdays,Frowned calmly,Did not speak。 Maybe the two people’s looks are too high,That Wang Zhenjie hasn’t […]

“……Wang Shuai said Chen Wenjin was fighting a group in Qinghe,It’s Xiao Wang?”The tank feels incredible。

“He was drunk,Bad street,I took advantage,Knocked him down with one blow,No head-to-head。”Chen Wenjin explained,To dispel the shock of the tank,Got out of the car immediately,Locked the car door and said:“Let’s go。” Chen Wenjin did come this way,When Sister Huo left Qinghe before,,This is the way to go。 Even Chen Wenjin was very suspicious,Maybe Wang Shuai […]

After getting off,Qin Feng lit another cigarette,Looking at the upscale community in front of you,Squeeze out cigarette butts,Walked in。

Since the Qin family fell back then,All of Qin’s property was divided,Not even a car left。 And the house in front of you,Qin Feng’s master specially assigned it to him,Let him inAA place to stay in the city。 Qin Feng took out the key,Open the door,Walked in。 This is a house with four bedrooms and […]

They are all tied to the stool,The mouth is also sealed with tape。

And they are about ten meters away,Sitting a man,Qin Feng glanced over,After seeing the man’s face,Various pictures flashed through his mind constantly,Suddenly all memories returned to Qin Feng’s head。 Because the memory comes back too suddenly and quickly,Qin Feng was caught off guard,I covered my head suddenly,Took a few steps back。 And Long Qianyuan sitting […]

Wait for the two sides to stand apart,You can clearly see the footprint on the chest,But with the existence of the aura,slowly disappear。

“My promise to you still exists,Give up the opportunity to attack。You can go back safely。”Xia Chenglong has already spoken to the face。 “just you?” Ma Teng sneered,Want him to be a deserter? “Long Xia Chen,Do you think besides speed,You can beat me elsewhere?” …… Stubborn! Since I want to play with him,Then play to the […]

Liu Guofeng suddenly remembered an ancient poem he learned in middle school for no reason,“Boundless Falling Down,Endless Yangtze River billowing”。

Suddenly,Those fallen fruits all turned into poisonous snakes,Then a bone rushed to Liu Guofeng,Where is the endless Yangtze River,It’s just endless swarms of snakes rolling in! Liu Guofeng was so scared,Just run。 If one or two,Ten,A hundred,Maybe he is still interested in fighting,But there are more than a hundred poisonous snakes falling in front of […]

The strange light flashes in the eyes of the person on the left,Use spiritual power to transform the sky arrow,Shoot at Lu Menglin。

What he is best at is to capture the psychological weakness of others,So as to turn out the most feared thing,Before this person became a mutant,Is a psychology professor,Can see the weaknesses of many people in the details。 But this way,He didn’t see Lu Menglin’s psychological weakness,Because the other person is always so peaceful,And there […]

Ma Binghao is basically out of breath now,Low air intake,So the motion range of kicking back and forth with two legs is also much smaller。

Lan Yingying stared with big eyes,I couldn’t believe what happened before me,The uselessness in their mouth is so terrible,Is he really human? I was able to lift my husband directly without any effort,And it’s not flushing or breathing。 Xiao Fan at this time,In Lan Yingying’s eyes,Like a messenger from hell,And my side is full of […]