Everyone was amused,Several old people laughed out of breath。Even Wang Degui smiled twice。

More and more old people come to chat,No place to sit,Some people stood down along the corner。Anyway, everyone is very happy。 With a few deafening firecrackers,The prelude to the New Year’s Eve has kicked off。Old people can’t sit still,So Lu Xu went home。 Xia Jian at this time,I’m busy helping my old lady make New […]

This is a messenger from Yuchen City, one of the eight holy cities,An indifferent female Taoist also slightly arched her hands。

Baiye Daojun is born proud and domineering,Naturally look down on Yuanyu Daojun。but,Behind today’s Yuanyu Daoist is that pinnacle Daoist,She didn’t dare to underestimate。 The messenger from Yuchen Holy City came the fastest,The reason is because Yuchen City is the closest to Tianqiongzong。 The relationship between Yuchen City and Tianqiongzong,Somewhat similar to Chisang Temple to Thousand […]

Perception is a very strange thing,When all the evil spirits looked up and glared,Li Tianzhen naturally stopped picking,On other people’s turf,It seems a bit too much,But he is holding five or six yuan‘sapphire’,Neither cover up,Not embarrassed,After drifting excitedly,towards‘Creation’Tao,“first meet,I’m sorry,Can you keep a memorial?”

“This thing doesn’t belong to you,Not even mine,let it go,Talk about business。”‘Creation’’S voice is a bit hard,I can hear you really trying to control your emotions,And other evil spirits left their seats,Hula, surround Li Tianzhen in the center。 “It’s not yours?Speak out who believes?”Li Tianzhen holding a sapphire,Place it on the eye socket and observe […]

Red eye convinced,Xu Tian,He is not just a sudden breakup that is rare in a century,Even if you use other positions and occupations,Also a terrifying talented player。

“Don’t be surprised,The reason why Ah Tian can grasp the damage and distance of all ammunition,Can’t do without my careful teaching last night……if it is possible,Do you want to try?”Gandhi issued a special training invitation to Red Eye。 An incarnation of Gandhi appeared in the red eye’s mind immediately“Bomb mad”Continuous bombing,The flesh and blood that […]

Xia Jian drove the car,Thinking of the scene just now,My heart is like knocking over a bottle of five flavors。

Back to the villa,Xia Jian originally thought he would sleep peacefully,I didn’t expect him to lose sleep。Tossing around until two o’clock,He couldn’t sleep so he made a video to Wang Lin。 I didn’t expect Wang Lin was at work,She saw Xia Jian sleeping in her bed,This makes this woman so happy。Two people chat for more […]

“No need,I got a lawyer!You just need to provide the secret recipe,We divide!how is it……Then you can receive a fixed income!

Simultaneously,Your ointment can also benefit many people!” Hu Yili said deeply。 “You seem confident!” Fang Yu stared at Hu Yili,Cold voice。 “I admit,I am selfish……But you can’t just let your money go?You return to the People’s Hospital now,Income is partly fixed! But it’s impossible to have rich people waiting for your treatment every day! Your […]

“It is the source of the Japanese concession!”Tie Tiecheng and Su Wenqian said,

“Before you killed more than 20 concessions,Tomorrow, we have killed all the dedications of the source of the source.!Especially in the well, Japan must die!” “Yes!Is there a action plan??” “Wait!”Zheng Yao first listened to the rituit:“I said why your kid doesn’t take us.!” “Our four people should be enough.!”Ritual, “Chief,There are at least forty […]

Can’t you buy fakes??

Yang Zimei has done such a long time for directors at such a low cost,Met such a silly girl,Wang Shuai’s heart ups and downs for a while,Contrast Rose’s shrewdness to seize the opportunity,Compared with Li Xiang’s profit-seeking idea,Yang Zimei is too honest…… Wang Shuai sighed silently,It’s really hard to meet people! then,He thinks it can […]

Looking at the excited three people,Chen Geng smiled slightly,Threw out his own assassin:“Oh,correct,Considering such a huge capacity nationwide,I hope you can delineate an area、Provide corresponding supporting measures and preferential policies to build an automobile industrial park,I will take advantage of my being in America、Relations and connections in Europe,Invitation to include PhD、Denso、Auto industry supporting manufacturers including mainland and other top auto parts giants settled in this industrial park……”

“……” An instant,Jia Yumin、The bosses of Li Changzheng and Secretary Jiang’s eyes are staring:what?And build an automobile industry park?!God,What a good day is today,How come we run into all the good things? Li Changzheng、The reactions of Jia Yumin and Secretary Jiang were caught by Chen Geng.,He smiled and said:“Relying on China’s huge labor cost advantage,Auto […]