Dawang District added two giant "charging treasures"

Southern Power Grid Mei Stations The first machine rotor successfully hoisted Chen Yuyu’s comprehensively completed the production capacity will solve the 7.1 million family two months of electricity demand Yangcheng Evening News reporter Cheng Xuan, correspondent blue looking: Recently, Southern Power Grid Meizhou Pumped storage power station (referred to as "Meatsu Plant") The power reliable […]

6 cases in Wuhou District, Chengdu, selected "Structural Reform of Supply Side Structure Reform Chengdu Practice and Thinking"

  Xinhuanet Chengdu May 22nd (Liu Qing, Wang Jianbing) develop a new economy and cultivate new kinetic energy. Recently, the six cases in Wuhou District, Chengdu were encapsulated into the Chengdu Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission published a book, which promoted the economic high quality development in the district. One […]

Canada Mandong Zhang Xueyong Immigration Co., Ltd. is committed to China and Cultural Communication and the development of Manchesterian community

The company also actively planned and organized the only Sino-Califier 50 celebration in the Canadian industry. Invited Mr. Congwu, Canada, Mr. Congwu, Canada, Ms. Canada, the predecessor of Canada and the predecessor provincial governor, Canada level 3 Members and officials, Manda City, schools and business leaders, and China’s Overseas Chinese Federation, Hebei Provincial Overseas Chinese […]

China Volunteer Service Federation president and the second conference of the Second Standing Council held in Beijing

The Second Conference of the China Volunteer Services Federation and the Second Conference of the Second Standing Council were held in Beijing: Time: May 7, 202, May 7, 2021, China Volunteer Conference President Office and the Second The Second Conference of the Standing Council was held in Beijing. The meeting summarized 2020 work, and informs […]

Country revitalization to see Guangdong | Guangzhou Baiyun District launched "Yunhua City" sales exceeded 192 million yuan

  In response to the national epidemic prevention and control requirements, Multi-city in Guangdong clearly announced the cancellation of the spring flower market in 2021. In order to reduce the loss of flower farmers, recently, under the guidance of the Agricultural Rural Rural Department of Guangdong Province, relying on the village revitalization of cultural service industrial […]

Chinese jonge mensen winnen EDA, waardig van applaus!

Onlangs hebben vijf jonge gezichten gevuld met vreugde getrokken ieders aandacht. Op 8 november, wonder Huazhong University of Science and Technology Micro-Clothing zich af, op 4 november Eda (Electronic Design Automation) Field International Conference on ICCAD2021, Professor Lu Zhipeng, een professor van de school van de computer, ontving de eerste Cadcontest-lay-out bedradingsalgoritm-competitie Naam en won […]