6 cases in Wuhou District, Chengdu, selected "Structural Reform of Supply Side Structure Reform Chengdu Practice and Thinking"

  Xinhuanet Chengdu May 22nd (Liu Qing, Wang Jianbing) develop a new economy and cultivate new kinetic energy.

Recently, the six cases in Wuhou District, Chengdu were encapsulated into the Chengdu Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission published a book, which promoted the economic high quality development in the district. One paper answer. 6 cases are Huankawa Da Knowledge Economic Ring, 1906 Cultural Creative Factory, Top Take Agong Enterprise Service Center, Zhiguhui Science and Technology Financial Services Platform, Rainbow Group, Ring Energy Technology. Sichuan University · Wuhou District collaborative innovation entrepreneurial incubator.

Image Source: Wuhou District Committee Propaganda Department, it is reported that Wuhou District has been positioned in recent years in recent years, it is clear that the three major leading industries of Wenchuang, Great Health, Finance and E-Commerce will be made. Walking "strategy, actively transforming the way of development, optimizing economic structure, transforming growth motivation, creating a group of representative new economic projects, emerged in a number of entity economic improvement and efficiency excellent enterprises. The Huankawa Knowledge Economic Circle built in Wuhou District is designed to achieve innovative entrepreneurial projects, and improve the development level of the industrial development, enable the campus college level, and to achieve a win-win situation; 1906 military and civilian integration creative factory is Wu The "military and civilian integration" platform built in Hou District, with Canguang as the kernel, introduced and cultivated entrepreneurial state; Zhiguhui Enterprise Service Platform, Science and Technology Finance Service Platform, Chengdu New Genetic Incubator Service Co., Ltd. in Wuhou District Committee, Wu Under the guidance of the Hou District Government, it is designed to build a top ten service system centered on science and technology. One of the leading companies, in recent years, actively construct an advanced index system, improve product quality and standard level, and make a large market for "small products"; Energy Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and application of magnetic separation water purification technology, A magnetic separation water treatment test center laboratory authorized by the National Qualified Evaluation Board (CNAS).