Cultural Sharing Volunteer Warm City (constructing a higher level of civilized cities)

  "Cultural auditorium carnival activities are more than 3 months, there are drama, dance performances, balls, chess competitions, and gold medal hunting contests, mobile phone photography contests, type is too rich!" In Taizhou Road, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province Xiaowu, Zhun Town, said that the new cultural auditorium in the village, the villagers smiled … this investment of more than 3 million yuan cultural auditorium, the construction of the construction is a lot of strength. Luo Wafd, the secretary of the village party, said that the village collective funds were stretched.

Fortunately, volunteers from "Luqiao Civilization", volunteer companies are enthusiastic to help, and the cultural auditorium has built.

  "Civilized Cloud" is an innovation of the civilized practice activities of Taizhou. It is equivalent to a "shared pool" that brings together all kinds of resources such as funds, materials, services, and supports civilized practice activities, and also provides volunteers. And feedback. Relying on digital reform, Taizhou sets "service point" "Volunteer", "Love Docking", etc. in Volunteer Service Cloud Platform.

Through this platform, the actual needs of the masses can be collected, and the volunteer service can be implemented online.

  65 years ago, 467 young volunteers have met the Taizhou City Jiandian Island, participated in the wasteland and construction, put forward 16 words of "hard entrepreneurship, stronger map strong, selfless dedication, pioneering and innovation"; now, in Taizhou, volunteer service Added a full power to the creation of civilized cities.

In recent years, Taizhou has strive to build "Volunteer Warm City" with the "New Era" as a volunteer service brand.

At this stage, Taizhou City has built 4,436 new era civilization practices volunteer service team, and has more than 121 million civilized practices volunteers in the new era. Guo Wenzi, the sea search and rescue volunteers, has been obliged to rescue more than 1,600; Xianju County Xianju Volunteer Service Team, Hu Wei Ming, 32 years to lead the volunteer service team to provide more than 20,000 hours of service for the masses; Linhai City "Labo Space" Volunteer Service Team "Da Chen Yuyi" Volunteer Service Team and other mortals, warm people, from one person to a group of people, from a small thing to long-lasting, Taizhou City gives full play to the typical role of branded volunteer services, attracting more people participate.

  In recent years, Taizhou City takes various volunteer service activities such as "Civilization Good Habit into the Community" "Civilized Good Habits and Beautiful", "Gifts and Its Beautiful". In addition, Taizhou has passed the first-line supervision, special assessment, etc., the "eight major improvement actions" such as environmental sanitation, the city of the city, the city, the city, and investing in the city’s 35 back street streets, 74 old Old communities, focus on improving the masses’ feelings, happiness, and safe feelings.