Baby cover in spring to be three warm and two cool

Baby cover in spring to be “three warm and two cool”

[Introduction]Spring is a transitional season from cold winter to hot summer. The climate is characterized by the gradual rise of Yang Qi and the end of Yang Han. There is often cold air activity. The weather is variable and the temperature difference between day and night is large.
In the early spring when the winter is still cold, young parents need to “cover” their children, so that their young bodies can adapt to changes in this warm and cold climate, which is conducive to maintaining the child’s constant body temperature regulation and playing a role in preventing cold.
The so-called “Spring cover.
  ”Spring cover” is not simply not to undress your baby, but it is exquisite here.
  ”Spring cover” pay attention to dressing “under the thick and thin,” the ancient health practitioners pointed out that spring clothing should be “thin thick and thin.”
Modern medical research shows that the lower blood circulation of the human body is worse than that of the upper body, and it is vulnerable to cold air.
Therefore, in the early spring and February when it is warm and cold, we should pay attention to keeping the lower part of the child, especially the legs and feet, to avoid feeling the cold.
  Take advantage of this opportunity: The climate in spring is changeable, and there are cold wave transits. One or two days before the cold air arrives, the mother should properly add clothes to the child.
The right “cover” can shut out colds and indigestion.
  Add and subtract clothes in a timely manner based on the temperature. Faced with the occasional spring breeze, sometimes cold wind and rain, the mother should add and subtract clothes for the child in time.
When the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 8 ℃, it is necessary to “cover” and add clothes to the child to prevent cold.
As the temperature rises, you ca n’t reduce your clothes too quickly. After the temperature continues to rise, you should cover it for another 7 days. A weak child should continue for 14 days.Variety.
When the temperature continues to be above 15 ° C and is relatively stable, it is not necessary to cover it.
  It is cold in the spring morning, and when the temperature rises at noon, children’s clothes cannot be taken off immediately.
When the child is sweating, don’t take off his clothes immediately. Use a towel to wipe the sweat from the chest and let the child calm down. Take off his coat when the sweat is completely gone.