The "National Business Card" on the blue sky – 25-year-old Air Show witnesses the rise of China’s aerospace

  Xinhua News Agency, October 1st: The "National Business Card" on the Blue Sky – 25-year-old Air Show witnesses the China Aerospace’s rising Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Haoming, Hu Wei, Hong Zehua 1st, the 13th China International Airlines The Aerospace Expo ushered in a three-day public day. At the Zhuhai International Air Show Center, the high-stroke exhibits were gathered, and the flight performance ground demonstration was wonderful, so that the audience had too much addiction. The 25-year-old Chinese Air Show has become a "national business card" above the cloud – it has witnessed a city’s growth, and it has witnessed the rise of China’s aerospace industry.

  Air Show and City Growth "Waited for 3 years, it is not easy!" A old air show is like this. Originally scheduled for the 13th China Air Show held in 2020, because the epidemic of neoguan pneumonia was postponed until 2021. As a homogeneous city, Zhuhai handles preparation, and catch epidemic.

In order to ensure the safety of exhibitors and audiences during the air show, Zhuhai set up 29 convenient nucleic acid sampling points in the city and 13 sets of nucleic acid sampling points in the airport, station and terminal.

The Air Show also launched the "Cloud Air Show" for the first time, using 5G, VR / AR and other technologies, develop smart model APPs, so that it is not convenient to go to the scene, can understand the scene of the exhibition in real time, simultaneously view flight performance and ground equipment dynamics Demo.

  3 days of public day, 4,000 tickets are sold out before the air show is opened.

The visitors of the four sides experience the charm of this "youth city, vitality capital" in Zhuhai. Zhuhai also grows together with the Air Show. One of the stars of this aviation show, the water and land amphibious aircraft "Dragon" AG600 drawings are completed in Zhuhai Aviation Industrial Park. In addition, a variety of agents of aerospace industry such as agricultural drones, aviation materials, engine maintenance services are flowering everywhere in Jinwan.

The data shows that the 82020 Gold Bay Area Airborne Industry has grown%. Air Show witnesses the rise of China’s aerospace caused on the 1st, 6 airplanes in China Air Force pull out the color smoke, painted a watercolor on the blue sky, giving birth to the birthday of the motherland.

  Since its inception in 1996, a 25-year-old Air Show has witnessed the rise of China’s aerospace industry. Mainstream technology, showing international events in World Aerospace Development Level.

  In the pavilion, a group of "native products" from space attracted a large number of viewers, which is the No. 5 return cabin, the moon storage box and the moon exhibits brought by the National Aerospace Bureau. The Long March carrier rocket, manned test cabin, Mars car model, etc. also causing many viewers to take pictures.

  Ingesting the moon, on the Mars, in the deep space – in recent years, the development of China’s aerospace industry is like a rocket. Wu Yanhua, deputy director of China National Aerospace, revealed that in the past five years, the number of rocket launches in China is ranked second in the world. In the past five years, China’s aviation industry has also developed rapidly.

The design, development, and manufacturing of the airliner, fighter, transporter, early warning machine, drone, and the "invisible" kernel such as aviation engine, radar, avionics, etc. also iteratively upgraded. In addition, the general aviation industry has also entered a fast lane.

Lur, deputy director of the China Civil Aviation Administration, in the past five years, my country’s registered airport has increased to 339, and it is a "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", navigation enterprises, operating aircraft, annual flight homework hours and operating enterprises. Rapid growth has occurred. Adhere to self-improvement to open cooperation as a super star of the air show, the debut of the 歼 20 is eye-catching.

  "Listening to this voice is put up." A viewer said.

  The war lounged, the engine, the current air show, and 20 for the first time, the domestic engine participates in the flight performance. This advanced fighter has a "China Heart".

  This chart, 歼 10, 歼 20 and other fighters roared in the blue sky, the main battle tank, the wheel-style chariot in the earth, rushing in China … Every time the flight performance and ground equipment dynamic display time can hear "Wow" sounds. "See the moon, see the Mars car, see the 歼 20, transport 20, see drone, tank, missile, our equipment is so powerful, as a Chinese, too proud!" A viewer said The voice of many people. The 25-year-old China Air Show is the vividness of China’s adherence to technology self-reliance. Under the changing of the international situation, China’s aerospace industry has continuously deepened open and cooperate, and the global partners seek a win-win situation, showing the big country.

  Wu Yanhua introduced that China National Aerospace Bureau has signed a space cooperation document with several countries and international organizations, and launched an international moon research station with Russia, issued the International Sixth and asteroid probation announcement, and international scientists. Co-exploration data analysis of moon and Mars. "Looking at the history of world space development, the space industry is gradually growing in mutual reference and cooperation, we will deepen multi-form international exchanges and basic cooperation on the basis of equal mutual benefit, peaceful use, inclusive development. Liu Shiquan, general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, said.