It is not advisable to enter the hot springs immediately after the hot springs

It is not advisable to enter the hot springs immediately after the hot springs

Hot springs are a kind of natural therapy. Most of the chemicals will precipitate on the skin and change the pH of the skin. Therefore, it has the functions of absorption, sedimentation and removal. Its chemicals can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, endocrine and immune system.

Although hot springs have symptoms for good health, some people say that they can treat skin diseases and heart diseases.
Can eliminate fatigue, but still pay attention to it is not a cure, but also be careful about its danger.

  The hot and cold alternately stimulates the heart hot spring to divide the cold spring according to its temperature (the water temperature is below 25 seconds), the micro hot spring (the water temperature is around 26 to 33 moments), the hot spring (that is, the most common hot spring, the water temperature is around 34 to 37, 38 or so)), hot springs (water temperature is about 38 seconds to 42 seconds), high-heat hot springs (water temperature is more than 43 seconds) five kinds.

  Many people feel very hot after taking a hot spring, so they walk around in a bathing suit or directly from a hot spring with a relatively high temperature to a hot spring with a lower water temperature.

These practices are not conducive to health.

When a person is in a hot spring, the sweat hole of the whole body is opened. If it is quickly transferred between hot springs with obvious temperature difference, or walking in the open air after hot springs, it is not easy to keep warm, people are easily caught cold after cold stimulation, and the heart is in this kind.It is also subject to higher pressure under the alternating stimulation of hot and cold.

  If there is skin trauma, or skin allergies, dermatitis, can not soak hot springs, otherwise it will accelerate the evaporation of skin moisture, damage the skin protective layer, and further worsen the symptoms.

People who have a fever and have acute inflammation (such as a cold, sore throat, etc.) are also not suitable for hot springs.

  In addition, we must also pay attention to not be hungry belly hot springs, but can not eat too hot after going to the hot springs, otherwise there may be dizziness, nausea, fatigue and so on.

After staying up late, feeling tired, over-excited or angry, it is not suitable for hot springs.

Although hot springs are pleasant, they should not overlap too much. Generally speaking, it takes 3 to 7 days between the two.

  The “symptoms and physiques” posture is not only so simple, but it is important for different people to choose different postures.

First of all, divided into horizontal, sitting and foot bath.

  According to experts, the horizontal soaking bath is in the supine water, the head is aligned with the front rib surface, and the body nipple line is immersed in water below the plane, which can reduce the pressure on the chest during bathing, reduce the cardiopulmonary load, and apply to the weaker body.

  Sitting bath is a hot spring sitting in the water, only the lower back, buttocks, thigh roots, genital immersed in hot water, can improve the pelvic and genital blood circulation, produce anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, as well as sedative and hypnotic effects, suitable for useChronic pelvic inflammatory disease, prostatitis, constipation, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, women with irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, lower extremity rheumatoid joint pain and other people.

  Foot bath only needs to immerse both feet and combined joints in warm water. It has the function of “blood-blooding down”, which can alleviate the phenomenon of hyperemia in patients with hypertension. It is suitable for high blood pressure, insomnia, less menstruation and rheumatism of the feet.Waiting for someone.
  Chronic disease hot springs should be “limited time”. Although hot springs have many benefits for the body, experts remind that hot springs should also have “degrees”.

  People with diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases, and the elderly, the hot springs will be a little bit better, it is best to choose only the hot springs with a water temperature of about 34 to 37, and the time for each hot spring is better than 15 minutes.The total time is best not to exceed 30 minutes.

Otherwise, due to the rapid heartbeat during hot springs, the blood pressure is increased, and the heart load is aggravated, which may lead to poor health.

  In addition, when you take a hot spring, you should always observe your physical condition. Once you have a heartbeat (such as more than 140 beats per minute), or feel dizzy and flustered, it is best to get out of the hot spring.

In fact, the scale of the best hot springs is that the body is slightly sweaty. If you sweat more and even sweat, it means that the bubble is too overdone.

  Hot Spring Tips 1.

The dry skin of the elderly should not be too long.


Before entering the water, it is necessary to adapt to the water temperature, gradually transition from low water temperature to high water temperature, and give the blood vessels a gradual expansion time.


After the hot springs, drink water to replenish moisture.


Don’t make it too deep, so let the top of the body out of the water or the water to rest.


When you are in the hot spring, you can wipe your face with a cold towel.


Some people think that it is good for the body to leave the ingredients in the hot spring on the skin, but it is not.

If the hot spring with high concentration of sulfur or alkali is not washed or dried, the concentration of the water left on the skin after evaporation may increase by several tens of times, which is very irritating to the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the water again after the hot spring.