“Liver function check,Hepatitis B full set、AFP、Blood routine and imaging examination,I have done it at present.,Still drug maintenance rehydration treatment,Currently fasting,Be sure to pay attention to the cold and hard things。”

Zhou Ye wants to make a melon seed,I have a circle around the cold.。
Take a look at the hide shell on the ground,There is no melon residue in the trash can,There is no melonia in bed,To determine that Xu Songren will make old problems and committed,Can’t control yourself to eat melon seeds。
“Melon can’t eat,do you know,Xu Daxie。”Zhou Ye。
Xu Songren nodded,Only the only Ino, I’ve said it is good.。
Zhou Ye turned and looked at Chen Riyuan:“fasting、Blood transfusion、Infusion and essential anti-virus,Now we can do it.,Do you think Chen Shu is still missing??”
He really analyzed what medicine left.。
Chen Riyuan also got an eye Sun Jun and Hu Yu:“Do you have any other comments??”
Sun Jun thought about it.:“In fact, the most important thing for patients with digestive tract bleeding is to be afraid that his vital signs are unstable.,Now the patient’s life is still,Then to monitor the body temperature again-pulse-Breathe-Blood pressure and pupil,Understand the development process of disease,Stable and restoring patient vital signs?”
Monitoring life this nurses are doing things。
But if you want to go,Do you want to go to the doctor。
Especially observe the pupil,Let the doctor do it yourself, it will be much more convenient.。
Chen Riyuan listened to Sun Jun’s words,Nodped silently。
In fact, the treatment did not add anything.,The most important thing now is to monitor pupils and urine volumes。
Then in life support and capacity recovery,take“Experience combination”,If severe acute upper digestive hemorrhage joint medication,Intravenous application of growth ocantin combined proton pump inhibitor!
“Xiao Wu,Significance and therapeutic dose of the acidic acid??”
Chen Riyuan did not directly and Xu Songren,Instead, I started teaching.。
This patient can deal with Sun Jun said that it is indeed in place.,It is some small details.,The problem is not a big。
So he simply took this as a material to teach.。
“Acidic,How much do I know??”
Zhou Ye turned the small brain tame started thinking。
Every time I want to think about these pharmacological and pharmacokines.,He hurts。
Significance of acid acid?
This can actually think from the mechanism。
Its hemostatic mechanism is gastric acid and gastric protease interfering internal and external coagulation system,PharmaceuticalⅢActivity and platelet aggregation,And blood clots can be destroyed,Effective alierate treatment makes the stomachpH improve!
Zhou Ye worsen:“If the meaning is that the acid medicine can improve the stomachpH value,It is also possible to promote the formation of platelet aggregation and fibrino clots.,Avoid blood clots to dissolve premature,It is conducive to hemostasis and preventive bleeding。”
NS192chapter Try to go on duty
Chen Riyuan nodded,Zhou Niwu’s excellent is a matter of course in his eyes.。
“In various proton pump inhibitors,Essozole is a faster drug,Large dose of Essomerazole is recommended to be one of the drug selection of acute upper digestive tract emergency treatment.。”
Chen Riyuan said unreasonably。
Because he found a little,In fact, the key point of this patient is not a digestive tract bleeding.,But newG,It is a pneumonia to give the patient’s gastrointestinal bleeding.!