It’s almost noon when Wang Youcai returned to the small clinic。He Jing went out to eat alone,And Doctor Lu took his pork knuckles back home,In the clinic, only Julan is grabbing Chinese medicine for a patient。

“Why are you back again?”
Julan crawling with medicine,I asked Wang Youcai aside。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“This bastard did something abnormal this morning,I can’t have to guard,In case he does something wrong again,But it’s not good for us here!”
After Julan waited for a patient who grabbed the medicine and left,She laughed and said:“Their father-son relationship has always been so tense,Suddenly he did,There must be something hidden inside。There is no saying“Unprovoked courtesy,Thief”So I think you are right。
“Nothing wrong”
He Jing suddenly walked in,She then asked Julan’s words。
Julan quickly smiled and said:“Our boss said you have become beautiful,Maybe I met someone close to you,So I said he guessed right”
Wang Youcai didn’t expect,This Julan will lie too,And just open your mouth,He was a little stunned。It seems that this person’s potential is really forced out。
He Jing glanced at Wang Youcai,Smiled and said:“It’s a bit difficult for Boss Wang to boast。But i know,The woman in the car of boss Wang,But one is more beautiful,For example, which one in the car yesterday,I really want a face,Have a figure!”
“There was a woman in his car yesterday?”
Julan couldn’t help but blurt out。But when she finds out that she is gaffe,But it’s too late。
He Jing glanced at Julan,Haha smiled and said:“See you nervous,Isn’t he jealous?!Tell you the truth,Which woman in the car yesterday,Looks a little prettier than you。Men like beautiful women,Our boss is the same”
“What am i jealous,You talk nonsense。I just asked casually,Who is in his car has nothing to do with me,I only ask that my monthly salary is not in arrears,And the salary is getting higher and higher”
Julan is really clever,Just a few words concealed my embarrassment。It seems that Wang Youcai brought her out of the mountain,Really a good choice。
Where are the two women bickering,Wang Youcai sat on the side watching the fun。But he can see it,Julan is really jealous,But He Jing is even more powerful,She seems to have seen his relationship with Julan。if it is like this,He should pay attention。