Zhu Minglang nodded,Actually he had this idea a long time ago,Otherwise, I wouldn’t even go to the Sword Sect of the Yaoshan Mountain。

“Have a father,I’m relieved。Ugh,I thought the family had a huge change,Unable to help themselves,I wanted to come back and revive the family,I seem to worry too much。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Ah,For my father, I knew you were unreliable,Have no choice but to foresight than you。We wish there are not many Dragon Masters,I can’t give you much support,How about I go to the royal family and tell you a family,Be a consort or something,With royal resources,Can definitely make you reach the top easily!”I wish Tianguan’s eyes brighten,I seem to think this method is good。
Eat soft rice again???
I wish Minglang quit!
what,Why do you want to say it again?
Fang Niannian,Already laughing so hard。
First131chapter Mr. Koi
“father,Marriage events,I’m still in charge,Don’t worry about it,Live forever,Or have my own freedom in this regard,What’s the difference between that and the chaffinch。”Zhu Minglang said。
“well said,I deserve to be Zhu Tianguan’s son,Exactly the same as when I was young,Just stiff mouth。Your grandfather,You too,Also arranged marriage,I would rather die than yield at the beginning,Be sure to find it yourself,I found out later,Your mother fell to this mortal fairy by accident,A vulgar person like me is a blessing to be cultivated in a few lifetimes,Just to be able to meet her in this life,Tie her hair。”Zhu Tianguan said these words,Full of emotion。
Zhu Minglang feels that he can’t communicate with this father。
Black face,Zhu Minglang deliberately yawned,Open road:“The two girls are also tired,I’ll take them to rest first,Father is slowly fishing here。”
“Qin Yang,You lead them。”Tianguan Zhu said to the woman in black brocade,Then he said to Zhu Minglang,“Zhu Minglang,You sit here,I have someone prepare a pair of fishing tackle for you,It’s been a long time since our father and son have been fishing all night like this。”
Zhu Ming Lang Li doesn’t bother to care about him,Quickly keep up with Qin Yang、Nan Lingsha and Fang Niannian。
Long journey,In a hurry,I wish Minglang haven’t had a good night’s sleep in the past month。
And what virtue to the heavenly officials,He knows too well,This is going to be a night by the lake,It’s nothing more than hearing how cool I was when I was young,How wonderful,Then come again how romantic their husband and wife used to be。
His rhetoric,Zhu Minglang has been able to recite the full text。