Red eye convinced,Xu Tian,He is not just a sudden breakup that is rare in a century,Even if you use other positions and occupations,Also a terrifying talented player。

“Don’t be surprised,The reason why Ah Tian can grasp the damage and distance of all ammunition,Can’t do without my careful teaching last night……if it is possible,Do you want to try?”Gandhi issued a special training invitation to Red Eye。
An incarnation of Gandhi appeared in the red eye’s mind immediately“Bomb mad”Continuous bombing,The flesh and blood that Xu Tian threw,Scene of broken leg and neck……
“Forget it,Forget it,I have no tendency to abuse!”Red eye quickly refused。
Watching the poison circle shrink again,The direction is not much different from the position in the previous opener,Xu Tianqing’s blessing of random rate on the map,I think I must seize the opportunity of this practice。then,Then mentionedM4A1,Run into the dense forest。
This is to tell the red eye by action,The training showdown officially begins。
Red eyes see myself80HPBlood volume,Divided by every second after wearing the mask2.5HPs damage,Calculate that once you enter the poison ring,32Sniping Xu Tian in seconds,Once exceeded32Seconds this timeline,Will die in the poison ring。
“Tian Shao,Then I’m welcome,Let you see my strength!”
After Red Eye declared war,Ran to the direction of the church quickly。I saw him carrying a shot behind his back98K,Climb along the statue outside the church vigorously,Then he slammed on the head of the white statue,Jumped onto the second floor,The whole action was done in one go。
“So pretty‘Ghost step’,You sniper is different from the average!”Gandhi who was watching the game held his round glasses,Smiled and praised。
All classes in the Gun of Glory move at the same speed,In addition to the passive talent skills of the sniper“As quiet as water”——Sacrifice 10% of their movement speed,Improve shooting accuracy by 15%。
This hasDEBUFFThe talent of the effect has been criticized,Countless snipers are not moving fast enough,And died in another occupation,Can’t pull out to keep a safe distance,Any good sniper always keeps a safe distance。
Why are snipers afraid of breaking up at close range?It is because of sudden breakup with active acceleration skills,Can quickly approach a single sniper。
This also explains the opening game,Why did Zhanlan suddenly turn back。It’s not that he is brazen,But in that situation,The best choice for snipers。
however,Gandhi is uncertain at this time,It was deleted from Battle of Glory“As quiet as water”This passive talent that reduces the movement speed of the sniper?Or is this sniper red eye different from others。
But one thing,He was convinced,He has seen red eyes,The fastest sniper。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Eighty The gunshots come again