No one thought,Wu Hao would be so stupid that he actively refused to compete for the position of commander of the human race。

When he said this,Even the Emperor Qin from Tie Qin Kingdom,I can’t help but round my eyes,For the first time, I had a somewhat inexplicable affection for Wu Hao’s life。
Incompetent,Probably no one will hate it!
but,How could Wu Hao be such a person??This is too suspicious, right??
“Wuhao,Are you sure you will not participate in the competition for this position?I think you have a good chance!”The mysterious woman in the light curtain smiled,Said。
“is it?Or i try?”Lu Menglin’s conversation suddenly changed,Said with a smile。
Although he thinks this is wrong,But if I can make the guys who hate me feel very upset,Even uncomfortable,He doesn’t mind accepting it。
Wu Hao replied,The heads of state were all dumbfounded,Are dumbfounded!
Is there such a show operation??what is this?Retreat?Deliberately attract attention?This Wu Hao is too evil, right?!Can you think of such a bad trick??
at this time,Someone suddenly raised the volume,Loudly:“I object!It is absolutely impossible for Wu Hao to serve as the commander-in-chief of the coalition forces!”
This voice together,Everyone shrank their necks,Looking in the direction of the sound source with a stunned expression。
To know,This is on the Big Fish,This is the site of the core circle,The big people in the inner circle didn’t speak!Who is so bold,Dare to draw this conclusion?
Everyone will take a look,It’s the Yusong Kingdom Master who is talking,Song Qingming。
This person is really lingering,You have to pester Wuhao to the end,but,Everyone can’t help but admire this,The head is really iron!This is to drag Wu Hao into the water,Do you use your life to slander and smear black people??
Song Qingming’s words,Even the one in the light curtain can’t listen,I saw the mysterious woman shook her head,A cold voice came from the light curtain。
“Song Qingming,Your guts are not small,Very beyond my expectation。But if you can’t give a reason,I will treat you as slander。Defamation of others is a felony,In the inner circle will be sentenced to death,Do you still choose to continue?”
The mysterious woman in the light curtain said this,All the people present were taken aback,Surprised。
Listen to her tone,He actually defended Wu Hao,Could it be that Wu Hao is already the appointed commander in the core circle??