“Just like Zhang Chulan’s group members,I remember that Zhang Chulan and you are both princes of the Great Qin Dynasty?Today’s members of Zhang Chulan’s group are expanding their territory for the Great Qin Dynasty。”

“I believe that the members of the Yingzheng group are generous,As long as the members of Zhang Chulan’s group have high credit,Yingzheng group members will definitely help Zhang Chulan group members to advance to Tier 4。”
Jingtian looked at Yue Buqun in front of him,Curiously said,He remembers that Yue Buqun and Zhang Chulan were both princes of the Great Qin Dynasty?Why didn’t Yue Buqun go to Yingzheng group members?
“Zhang Chulan’s group members are now opening up the territory for the Great Qin Dynasty??This seems a bit wrong,Rashly invade other worlds,Not what I wanted。”
After Yue Buqun heard the story of King Sedum,,Hesitated for a breath,Solemnly say,His obsession now only has longevity,And let the prestige of Huashan School spread widely in other worlds。
therefore,If he had to open up and expand the territory of the Great Qin Dynasty,Yue Buqun would rather choose other ways to advance to Tier 4,He hates most,It’s those visitors from other worlds。
and so,I want him to become a foreigner who wants to invade his world,Yue Buqun really couldn’t convince his own heart。
“Unexpectedly, Yue Buqun’s members are so principled,in fact,in my opinion,Zhang Chulan’s choice of group members is not wrong,Because Zhang Chulan’s group members desire power,So join the Great Qin Dynasty,It is also normal to open up the territory for the Great Qin Dynasty。”
“What is good?What is evil?Is the distinction between good and evil so easy to distinguish?Rather than sit back and watch those world’s creatures and internal chaos,Might as well let the Great Qin Dynasty rule those worlds。”
“Although the process is cruel,Many creatures are destined to fall,But for the world,Those creatures can live in peace from now on,Live and work,Not good?”
“Not to mention the endless killing of visitors from other worlds,The Great Qin Dynasty of Yingzheng group members can at least shelter those worlds,Maybe those creatures will lose their freedom,But they will not face the helplessness and self-blame when the world is destroyed by those from other worlds。”
“In this way,Do the members of Yue Buqun still think that what Yingzheng members do is evil??In fact, Yue Buqun members want to advance to Tier 4,This is not the only way。”
“I think Yue Buqun’s cultivation base has reached the third-tier peak at this moment.,To the point of nowhere,Why not sign in every day to earn points,Someday,Yue Buqun group members can accumulate enough points to advance to the fourth level。”
“As for when that day will come,I do not know either,I can only say that it would be before the members of Yue Buqun fell.,Besides,There is another way。”
“I saw that the Heavenly Court where Zhang Xiaofan is located is very short of manpower,It’s not as good as Yue Buqun’s group members to consider going to the world where Zhang Xiaofan is located to seek refuge in Heaven,Refining the fairy god。”
“Although it may be tied to a middle-thousand world,But at least the members of Yue Buqun group can progress to the fourth level as they wish.,Which method to choose,It depends on the opinions of members of Yue Buqun。”