“See,《Westward Journey》Spring Thirty Mother,I recognize。”Lu Menglin nodded and said。

“You can see this in the mainland too?”Zhou Min asked casually,I got a little gaffe immediately。
“Ok,Can be seen。I saw it years ago,Well acted。”Lu Menglin said honestly。
The two women couldn’t help but glance at each other,I looked a little surprised in each other’s eyes。
Because the boy’s answer is too calm,It’s not like you have no knowledge at all。
Actually even in the millennium,Hong Kong Islanders still have many misunderstandings about the Mainland,Thought their living conditions were bad,Even watching movies is a problem。
Especially girls like Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min,Little experience,Has no idea about the mainland。
“what,You seem to be black all the way,Are you nervous about drinking tea with us??”Zhou Min found that this young man’s expression was a little deep,Asked with a smile。
Lu Menglin held the glass with one hand,Frowning,Sigh helplessly:“I used too much force when I fisted just now,Wrist axis,It really hurts!”
The two women were startled when they heard this,Then I couldn’t help laughing at the same time。
Their smile,The unfamiliar atmosphere between the three suddenly weakened by more than half。
I thought he was a master of kung fu,Shocked everyone upstairs,It’s a kind of half-toned scare after a long time,Punched until my hands hurt,It’s so funny。
Ordinary men in front of big beauties like Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min,Even if your hand is broken, you have to support the tough guy,How can he be as honest as Lu Menglin,Still so wronged。
Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min were making fun of him at the same time,I can’t help but give birth to a kind of closeness,Treat him as an innocent boy。
Lu Menglin knows himself hard,Who knows that《Zhen Wu Ju Li Jue》Is so powerful,Although I can play that huge force,But the arm bones are not strong enough to carry,Naturally it will be too painful to lift。
It seems that I will continue to strengthen exercise in the future,Otherwise, you didn’t blow up the enemy,Explode yourself first。
“Big stars like you eat here,No one seems to be watching?But this is good,Not in the mainland。”Lu Menglin discovered this little detail,Can’t help laughing。