Abao looked at Xiaocui’s spring breeze proudly,Just like seeing pierced ears,Laughed unbearably:“What are you doing with your pierced ears??Follow him to get fucked by a man?”

“What are you talking about!”Xiaocui is very annoyed,I knew that Abao and pierced ears were enemies,She didn’t bother to talk to Abao,But such an inexplicable attack,She had to be annoyed。
Those two who are expecting pierced ears will make money on the boat in the future,Suddenly angry:“Leopard Million, don’t make too much of it!Don’t blame us for bullying Xiaocui!”
“I’m talking nonsense?It’s Xiaocui who doesn’t know yet!”Leopard drank a drink,The look is full of mockery,The tone is particularly harsh。“The pierced ears were done by others,Also take you?He has a butt face to lead you!”
“Leopard, what are you talking about?!You are at odds with pierced ears,Can’t talk nonsense!”Xiao Cui is short of breath,But a little uneasy。Although Abao said it was too inexplicable,But although Abao likes to show off and love to dress,In the past, it didn’t leave everyone with the impression of spreading rumors out of nothing,So these words,Always let Xiao Cui doubt subconsciously,Did something happen,But she also felt that Abao could not know faster than her!
Wang Shuai hit Chen Wenjin with his arm,Shaking the glass and talking:“A Bao is really unsure,I don’t want to wait for a few more days。”
“You didn’t just know,He can’t bear it anyway,You are all watching。”Chen Wenjin knows that Wang Shuai doesn’t care when Abao ignites,if not,Will avoid the immediate situation。
Several men are on fire,I think Abao said the piercings are too much,And these people are particularly good even if they can’t talk about friendship with pierced ears,But compared to Abao,No doubt I have known piercings longer,Compared to unpleasant piercings,Abao is a dog in their eyes,Still love to show off,I heard him say that piercings were caused by men,I’m particularly angry。
“Tell you leopard dog!If you talk nonsense today,Don’t blame everyone for not showing you a face!”
The tank quickly rounded out:“What are you doing?All brothers,Sit down、All sat down!”At the end,He said to Abao:“But what do you mean by piercing?It’s hard to talk nonsense like this。”
Xiaoji has never seen such a posture,Seems like a group of people wanted to beat Abao just now,I realized that Abao is not liked by everyone。
Leopard didn’t care if everyone liked him,He made up his mind not to play with Wang Shuai,Not in this circle,Now see the reaction of these people,I know he is here only Chen Wenjin and Tank will help him,I feel even more pointless to play with this group of people,So there is no worries about speaking,Mockingly。“I never saw you like pierced ears so much before,Now he makes a little money,I might bring you,Just suddenly treat him like a good brother?what a pity,You are wasting your feelings!Are you silly with pierced ears?,Only a few days on board,Bet a card and bet money and curse,Be reprimanded to shut up,Not yet interesting,I quarreled and scolded people after losing too much,It turned out to be messed up by a few people on the ship!Others are fighting,He is offending people ass blossom!This fool can take you on board?I want to get fucked by him?”
Everyone listened to Abao,And determined,Although I hate him,But no one thinks Abao is a rumors。
Xiaocui is anxious and worried,But thinking of self-comfort again and again:Won’t be true,Certainly not true……
The tank looks like her,I was worried and asked Abao and said:“Where did you hear?Could it be wrong?I’m not sure about this kind of thing.!”
“I already said it,I have many friends,Inquiry,Can catch up。A friend knows a person with pierced ears,Know that I pay attention to piercings,Tell me about the international call at the port!The pierced boat comes back next Thursday, isn’t it??Xiaocui, let me tell you,When he comes back next Thursday,Will be fucked several times!The people on the boat want to get him over there and be fucked by foreigners,Drive him away when he comes back!You,Still inquire,Buy him medicine and get ready。”Abao finished,Deliberately long again,Added:“correct,You should leave him safe。Who knows if he will be infected?”
A pair of eyes,Looking sympathetically at Xiao Cui’s face as gray as death。