Simple tricks to help you detoxify farewell to constipation

Simple tricks to help you detoxify farewell to constipation

Guide: Among the ten modern urban people, there is a problem of constipation.

If constipation persists for a long time, it will not only affect health, but may also cause excess!

Today I will teach you how to do constipation, starting from the small things in life to improve the condition of irregular bowel movements, eliminate toxins, and return your healthy body.

  Defecation is not smooth. The big fat enemy obviously does not eat a lot, but often feels that the stomach is swollen. The waist circumference looks like “Michelin”, and his weight is still high.


This may be the crux of your obesity.

If the excess waste in the body is not removed, the lower abdomen will often be slightly convex, and the accumulation of feces in the interior will be unhealthy. The body will also unconsciously feel bloated and obese, and it will become the enemy of weight loss over time.

  Therefore, daily environmental protection of “Yesterday in and out today” can make you refreshed and light all day!

  The constipation problem is revealed

Uncomfortable bowel movements are small, dry, and hard stools, usually three times a week.

People with constipation often have difficulty defecation and pain in the abdomen. Other symptoms include: feeling of flatulence, discomfort and lazy movement.

  Everyone ‘s bowel habits are different. Generally, if you defecate three times a week, you need to work hard to resolve some granular or hard stools, or you may still feel unclean after defecation.”Constipation” problem.

  The small dictionary of “stool” does not have the term “stool” in medicine, but it is generally defined as a residue in the large intestine without the removal of clean stool, which is caused by constipation.

The most ideal state is that the food absorbed the previous day should be excreted the next day, and it is best to defecate 1-2 times a day.

  When you just wake up and drink salty warm water every day to cause fasting, first drink a large cup of warm water (preferably warm water can enhance the peristalsis of the stomach), or you can add salt (which can cause the stomach and large intestine to react and soften the stool).

Once you get into the habit, you will have a natural feeling every time you drink.

  Lower abdomen massage before breakfast Step1 After getting up in the morning, gently press the abdomen with your fingers and massage the abdomen in a clockwise rotation manner.

  Step2 After gently pressing for about 1 minute, continue to massage in a counterclockwise direction.

  Step3 After the intestinal motility is active, the bowel movement is naturally smoother.

  Breakfast: Eat more fiber from breakfast. Fruit lettuce salad is the best choice.

  After breakfast, the transition began to creep, and I gradually felt like I was going to relax.

When the poop comes, grab the opportunity quickly, so as not to delay the poop, which will cause the stool to dry and cause constipation.

  Lunch: Eat a balanced and healthy diet, eat less fried foods, and drink less sweet drinks.

  After lunch: Supplementing lactic acid bacteria can drink a cup of yogurt or a lactic acid bacteria-containing beverage to increase the number of probiotic bacteria, or add more water at any time, which is conducive to the smoothness of the following day

  Drink plenty of water in the afternoon, the daily water delivery is best kept at 2000-2500CC, to avoid the feces from being too dry and hard to discharge during insertion.

  The body physiology consumed after dinner develops exercise habits, because tandem peristalsis also requires physical activity to assist stimulation.

  Emotional training after bathing For metropolitan office workers rushing to work, parties, etc., the mood will be dispersed and stable at night, and the mood will be more relaxed. At this time, you can cultivate your bowel mood and perform the second “liberation” of the day.

  Make good use of the little helper in your stool. If you regularly eat more rows and less, it means that your absorption is good but the excretion is poor, which is an important factor that causes obesity in the future.

In addition, it may be that your large intestine moves slowly, and eat a lot of foods that promote gastrointestinal movement, such as fibrous and gum-rich foods.

In addition, many girls do not eat oily foods in order to be afraid of fat. Doctors also remind that oil can lubricate the link and help defecation. Therefore, a moderate amount of oil is still necessary.

  Some people also use other auxiliary videos to relieve constipation, such as enzymes, algae, probiotics, etc.

However, it should be noted that these can only be used for relief for a short period of time, and cannot be consumed for a long time, so as not to cause habitual dependence and make constipation worse.

  High-fiber foods: Fiber can increase stool volume, help the stomach and intestines move, and stimulate defecation. It is recommended to consume at least 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables, and other high-fiber foods such as flour, grain rice, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, barley, bananas,Papaya, orange, citrus, bamboo shoots, fungus, etc.

  Enzymes: Raw food contains fruits and vegetables, and the teeth contain enzymes, which can convert various nutrients into digestible and absorbable components of the body, which is beneficial for metabolism.

  Probiotics: For severe constipation, those who smell and smell exhaust gas can absorb some probiotics to improve the state of bacteria in the body.

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