Li Hui has solved these things,I am ready to go back.。

Just when he packed up the ticket,Xu Tianci is with Tang Ca and Sun Yaru.。
Seeing Sun Yaru has changed a dress up,Very purely appearance with pure dress,If Li Foot does not know what the previous Sun Yar is like,Maybe this first is attracted by the other party。
The same is also purely imposed by the other party.。
“Lee brother,You can be very powerful,I have done a lot of money, let you receive less bitterness.。”
“Hey-hey,This is nothing,I said that I can solve myself.,Now your business I have helped solve it.,I should also go back to the village.,After all, there are too many things on the village, I need to help.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng is so fast.,Xu Tianci is also stunned。
But immediately:“That line,I also packed up with you.,Promise your business, you can’t let go,咱 咱 口 的。”
“Hey-hey,You really have to give your family to go back to me.?”
Li Hui is a little funny to watch two people.。
Tang Can heard that Li Hui Feng this,Pretty face is also a red。
Can’t help but:“Go! Go! Go,I am not rare.,I can’t take him.,However, I will go to you later.。”
When I said this, Tang Can also couldn’t help but laugh.。
Xu Tianci also looked at the laughing model of the other party.,I can’t help but feel a touch。
He said all his best to Tang Ca.,What did him didn’t expect that Tang Can did not care?。
But with this,He felt that the other party went to the soup.。
Looking at Li Hui, I said that I have two people.,Sun Yar, Sun Yar, I want to open a few times.,In the end, it did not find a chance to open.。
Li Hui’s natural is also aware of Sun Yaru’s situation.。
I immediately laughed:“Yaru,Are you not going back to my hometown??
How come here again here?”
“what!I have encountered a small situation.,So I came back.。”
“alright,Then you will be careful later.,After all, it is too beautiful and sometimes it will also cause other people’s evil ideas.。”
Hearing Li Hui Feng said that she is too beautiful.,Sun Yaru is happy in the heart,It is an unknown。
She doesn’t know why,Since Li Hui is beginning to rise,Her feelings of Li Hui Feng are no longer the feeling that I want to play with each other.。
Instead, I really want to walk together with the other party.。
However, unfortunately, it is very obvious that Li Ping is not thinking about going with her.。
“breeze,Can you help me again??”
Sun Yawu said this,It is also sorry。
She doesn’t know why she will open such a mouth.。
Li Hui Feng thinks those who have been in the village in the village.,There is no one hesitation:“Say,I can help。”
“Can we talk to it alone??”