Perception is a very strange thing,When all the evil spirits looked up and glared,Li Tianzhen naturally stopped picking,On other people’s turf,It seems a bit too much,But he is holding five or six yuan‘sapphire’,Neither cover up,Not embarrassed,After drifting excitedly,towards‘Creation’Tao,“first meet,I’m sorry,Can you keep a memorial?”

“This thing doesn’t belong to you,Not even mine,let it go,Talk about business。”‘Creation’’S voice is a bit hard,I can hear you really trying to control your emotions,And other evil spirits left their seats,Hula, surround Li Tianzhen in the center。
“It’s not yours?Speak out who believes?”Li Tianzhen holding a sapphire,Place it on the eye socket and observe carefully,Didn’t take the menacing guys around him seriously,It’s been verified from the pastoralist before,‘Creation’Scrupulous,And it’s big scruples,Where is its bottom line,I have to poke。
Chapter one thousand and ninety nine You are the third
‘Creation’Lol,“Irritate me?Tell you the truth,Holding this thing is not good for you,You’d better consider your situation seriously。”
“So stingy?”Li Tianzhen wanted to reach out and pull away a fat monster in front of him,This thing looks like a giant beetle,Huge horns,The front jaw that makes the opponent shudder,And two small eyes,Burst of amber light,Everything makes him look annoying。
Did not move,Li Tianzhi just got on his feet,Kicked the beetle monster somersault,‘Creation’It’s okay not to say this,Since I said,Li Tianzhen will naturally challenge‘Irritate’The difficulty of,On hand‘sapphire’One after another,Very arrogant。
Monster roar,The pastoralist is ready to do it again,Even the star beast opened his half-closed eyes,But it was all bluffing,because‘Creation’Made a gesture,Motioned all his subordinates to step aside。
“okay,Stop playing tricks,I don’t bully you either,Talk seriously。”
“I sit,You stand?”Li Tianzhi in front‘Creation’Actually put all the sapphire in his hand into his pocket,The clothes were born of his true essence,Still in the style of Fansheng,Casual,Simple and plain,Sapphire is so heavy,But there is no problem in putting it in。
‘Creation’Wave,A round platform rises in front of Li Tianzhi,They are treated like star beasts,He sat down unceremoniously,“Talk,Where to start?”
“Where did your chaotic little world come from?”
‘Creation’This remark,Li Tianzhen was taken aback,The opponent is really strong,I can see the biggest secret in his gods,Hit the key,And still in front of many of his subordinates,Doesn’t give him room for maneuver at all。
“What chaotic little world?”Li Tianzhen can only play stupidly,Suddenly slap my head,“Oh,Are you talking about Chaos Land?Did you go back?Wrong right,Now that you have your braids,You naturally can’t go back to your homeland。”
‘Creation’Not angry,Continue,“You don’t need to be so nervous,Since you and I share the same origin, it’s still brighter,A total of 63 chaotic rough stones were born,Count the new universe,66 yuan in total,You and me are just one or two,But after awakening,There are only two pieces of chaos in the world of God hidden,You are the third one I saw。”
“Take a look,Finally admit that you and I share the same origin?”Li Tianzhen pointed‘Creation’laughing out loud,Look simple,“Say,We have so many homes?”
“what,Means homology。”
‘Creation’Nodded and continued,“But not much now?”
“What do you say?Is it dead?,Not even a soul left?”