Awen and Aqiang are hesitant,Did not come forward。

Human hearts are grown in flesh,They just got out of jail,Brother Fanfa came to pick them up,It was Brother Fanfa who brought them home to eat a warm farm meal,And they have known Brother Fanfa for so long,Never thought he would be that kind of deliberate,People who will betray the organization。
Erye sees that they are not on,Roared with anger:“you guys,Do you all want to betray the club??Don’t remember
House rules?”
Wu Feifan clenched his fist,Severe shoulder pain,Angry,Staring at the second master。
He suddenly felt very sad,I have been with the boss for ten years,Actually he really got a bad hand。
He remembered that night a month ago,Moon black wind high,Frozen。
He closed the file with the poor woman,The restaurant has no business anyway,As a result, there came a group of gangsters with guys,Headed by the two drivers who were run away by him last time。
They are here to retaliate,Take advantage of this month’s black wind,An unknown night,To this poor woman and innocent child,Do the most shameless evil to this broken little family。
Wu Feifan is not afraid,He is the double bonus red stick,Dare to fight。
It’s a pity that the old wounds haven’t healed,That battle,He brought down five people,In the end, two fists are hard to beat four hands,Got hit in the head,Fall to the ground。
He only remembers the cry of a woman,Child scream,And the hideous laughter of those people。
He thought his life was over,A foreigner who has no identity,Be killed in this place,Die in obscurity,Like a dead dog。
But God opened his eyes,A group of young offspring from the village arrived in time,Rushed in,Beat the murderer away,Saved Wu Feifan,Saved his woman and child。
Later Wu Feifei learned,It’s the fat brother under Lu’s,Has been sending people to protect him in secret,Take care of him。
That chubby is very strong,Once defeated Wu Feifan personally,And helped him in time。