The vows they made long ago,Blessed and Difficult。

Leopard is not offended by the behavior of these guys,So shaking my head,I rushed over again in a squeaky sound。
The defense done by the leader with the people did not play a role in the slightest,Was destroyed by leopard in an instant,no way,If the other party sneaks up without finding them,Maybe a little bit more,Now words……
Leopard started the final shock,Everyone can only close their eyes and wait for death。
But when the leopard rushed into the air,Suddenly flew over like a cannonball,The huge body directly hit the tree in the distance。
The scene that happened suddenly made everyone couldn’t believe it,Just like that, the leopard flew out of thin air?
Kind of incredible。
The leopard rising from the ground looked at the front warily,Then rushed over again in a roar,But at the moment,Xia Chenglong suddenly appeared in front of these people。
No action,A word,The leopard, who was running wildly, stopped suddenly,Facing Xia Chenglong, I looked extremely scared。
Leopard is making a few low noises**I even retreat obediently,Towards the distant jungle。
This is too shocking,So long after the leopard left,Everyone is still silent。
Da Zhu woke up from a coma,See the person standing in front of them,Almost jumped up with excitement。