Ma Binghao is basically out of breath now,Low air intake,So the motion range of kicking back and forth with two legs is also much smaller。

Lan Yingying stared with big eyes,I couldn’t believe what happened before me,The uselessness in their mouth is so terrible,Is he really human?
I was able to lift my husband directly without any effort,And it’s not flushing or breathing。
Xiao Fan at this time,In Lan Yingying’s eyes,Like a messenger from hell,And my side is full of death。
Lan Yingying looked at Xiao Fan in horror,Then I looked at Ma Binghao, who basically didn’t move,Finally trembling and speaking:“she was,She was taken by Ouyang Jianfeng and,Taken away with someone named Murong!”
Lan Yingying finished watching Xiao Fan and didn’t mean to let go of Ma Binghao,He immediately kneeled in front of Xiao Fan in fright,Beg for mercy:“please,please,You let go of my husband,If you continue like this,He might be really out of breath,and,And your wife was just captured by Ouyang Jianfeng,You should be too late,I promise that I’m telling the truth,Please let go of my husband quickly,otherwise,He is really dead!”
indeed,Ma Binghao saw Lan Yingying’s eyes,No more kicks,My head hangs down。
right now,Lan Yingying really doesn’t want anything,I just wanted to let Xiao Fan be merciful and let go of Ma Binghao,Give them a way to survive。
“thump”Bang,Ma Binghao fell directly to the ground from the air。
Yes,Xiao Fan directly let go of the hand holding Ma Binghao in the air,Although Xiao Fan really wants to solve the two people Lan Yingying and Ma Binghao now,But Lan Yingying has a word that is right,That’s the best thing I should do now is to rescue Lin Yoona,So as not to have any irreversible consequences。
and so,Xiao Fan temporarily let go of Lan Yingying and Ma Binghao.。
When Lan Yingying landed on Ma Binghao,I quickly climbed to Ma Binghao’s side,Crying while shaking:“Husband,Husband,Wake up,Don’t scare me!”
“Where did they go?”Xiao Fan continued to ask。
Although Lan Yingying’s current thoughts are on Ma Binghao’s body,But the devil Xiao Fan is really scary,So when Xiao Fan’s voice fell,Just said quickly:“When they left,I seem to hear them say that I went to that private club,Going in that direction!”
Xiao Fan glared at Lan Yingying,Lan Yingying was stared at by Xiao Fan,The whole person shivered,Hurriedly waved his hands to promise:“Really,What I said is real,I dare not lie to you!”
Xiao Fan took out the phone,Called Wen Tianli,As soon as the call is connected,Just say:“Let your people use the fastest speed,Find out what Murong’s club often goes to in Ouyang Jianfeng。”
Although Wen Tianli is very confused about why Xiao Fan suddenly asked himself to do this,But he answered immediately:“Xiao Boss,There is only one club on this wind chime island,This is Ouyang’s private club!”
“give me the address!”Xiao Fan said immediately。