“gold,Does the stock make money without losing money??”Qiangwei is obviously worried about her 30,000 yuan,Chen Wenjin said:“of course not。”

“that、How can you always make money?”Qiangwei obviously doesn’t understand stock matters,No basic concepts,But dare to take the money to enter and fight,Also very bold。
“May lose at any time,There is no reason to ensure a certain profit。”What Chen Wenjin said was actually true,Abao said:“You don’t understand the stock,Don’t care about anything anyway,Just hand it to gold。We don’t stay here,I can’t help but look at the quotations.!Let’s go first——”
Wang Shuai’s eyes deliberately chased Qiangwei,I really care about her going and staying。
After the door closed,Wang Shuai whispered:“I just let her think it succeeded!”
Chen Wenjin sighed secretly,Qiangwei meets Wang Shuai,After that……Will be another life。
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Eight Gift
“correct,You listen to the recording,But it’s not interesting。”Wang Shuai is obviously not satisfied with the content of the recording,Still say:“Qiangwei is not honest with money,You have to squeeze her greatest value,Sell her for a good price before it’s of no use,This is worth her‘clever’。”
“It’s like a tank, you’ll treat you sincerely。”Chen Wenjin disagrees very much,The future of Wang Shuai in the memory is simply the call of the kind.,A capable and smart person is hard to squeeze and use,in short,All good people and bad people are production tools in him。
“I find it fun to punish evil,Are there so many people who deserve to die in this world not enough for me to play?so,I’m thinking about supporting the tank as a professional fighter,When I can’t play professionally, I can drive by my side and be a bodyguard.,I think it’s good to use him this way。He must be grateful and trust me all his life,Getting old、Or on the day of death, I feel that the luckiest thing in this life is to meet my good brother,right?”Wang Shuai will have this idea,Although the motivation is not so pure,however,For Chen Wenjin,Compared to the future,At this moment, Wang Shuai is just learning to be a good person。
“Ok,Your idea is very good。Treat different people differently,What goes around comes around,You played,Also promote good。”Chen Wenjin immediately agreed,Encourage Wang Shuai to be more active。
“Did you sponsor Daxiong’s car??Looks like you are to the brothers Xiao Gao and Da Xiong,Much more generous than Abao,But not many meet with them。”Wang Shuai suddenly turned to this topic,Obviously learned a lot from Abao。
“Xiao Gao is now actively studying,Why do I call him out every day?Wasting his time for self-study to make up the foundation?Big bear bears the responsibility of supporting the family,I wish he had 48 hours a day soliciting money,I called him out to play with me,Want to kill him?”Chen Wenjin wanted to tell Wang Shuai too,It’s okay, don’t disturb these two。
“I mean,Little Gao brothers,You helped them out of your pocket,Leopard, by the way,Does that mean,Paying more attention to money from your pocket?But in that case,Why not let Xiao Gao earn the money?”Wang Shuai is thinking about this,There have been many speculations。
“Because it’s Xiao Gao,So he won’t take the initiative to run the securities department to follow me every day like Abao,Xiao Gao can’t afford to play,And won’t follow me every day to make money,Xiao Gao has a strong sense of morality in his bones,He does this,I can’t pass that level,Will feel tarnished my friendship with him,Turn pure friendship into profiteering。Abao has known me for a long time,Eat and play together for a long time,Sometimes I don’t have money for supper and I’m so hungry,Buy one half for one person,Get used to it and enjoy it together。He came here to make money with the order,He doesn’t have any burden in his heart。”Chen Wenjin,Looking at Wang Shuai again:“What is the result of the comparison?You must have asked Abao many things about me。”
“Abao does feel that there is no psychological burden to earn money with you。”Wang Shuai frowned,Think seriously:“I always doubt,Are you thinking,A leopard gets pitted and can eventually change?”
“Will it change, how can I be sure。”Chen Wenjin really can’t tell,Some people have been trapped and become masters at identifying traps,Some people are pitted until they are old and still stepping on those pits that have changed their tricks。