First672chapter Shameless blackmail

Ralph·The moment Sir Robbins spoke,Chen Geng imagined Ralph·Various conditions that Sir Robbins might propose,But I didn’t expect that the conditions he proposed were actually like this,So much so that after listening to Ralph·Robbins request,Chen Geng’s shocked mouth couldn’t close……
“Jazz,What are you kidding?!”Chen Geng’s eyes widened,Looking at Ralph in surprise·Robbins:“RB211Doesn’t make any sense to me,Why should i buy it?”
Yes,Rolls·Royce hasn’t given up,The second condition they mentioned is toRB211The engines are bundled together in this cooperation agreement,Ask Chen GengbaRB211with“Thai”650-8CPack and buy together,The package price is3Billion pounds,In other words,RB211To sell2.1Billion pounds。
This isRB211what,And General ElectricCF6、Pratt·Whitney’sJT9D、Old hairyD-18Ttogether,Are the only four thrusts in the world today that exceed200KNOne of the most powerful aero engines,Rolls·Royce wanted to2.1The price of 100 million pounds is forced to yourself?
Chen Geng’s shocked mouth couldn’t close。
He never thought there would be such a day:When the Huaxia web literary world more than 30 years later is still looking at the Ermao familyD—18TDrooling、VariousYYwhen,1982Today of the year,Rawls·Royce in order to increase the thrustRB211Sell yourself,It’s so shameless to use such tricks,Forcing myself to buy their things?
Chen Geng only discovered now,Reality is always more bizarre than nonsense。
Ralph·Sir Robbins is a little embarrassed,He also thinks Rawls·Royce’s approach is a bit embarrassing,This thing is not done authentically,But no way,A penny stumps heroes:“RB211The technology of this engine is the most advanced high-thrust aero engine technology in the world today,If you buy it……”
Chen Geng hurriedly interrupted Ralph·Sir Robbins’ words,Helpless way:“Jazz,I never denyRB211Advanced,But you should know why I don’t buy it,It’s too advanced,And the thrust is too big,In the foreseeable future thirty to fifty years,It is impossible for China to copy it,I don’t have a plane that can match it。”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng paused,To endure the excitement in my heart,Chen Geng frowned vigorously(He’s afraid he won’t laugh like this),Ralph with an embarrassed look·Sir Robbins went on:“I know Rawls·Royce’s financial situation is more difficult……Ok,such,I can serve Rawls·Royce provides a sum of500010,000 USD three-year loan,how about it?”
Ralph·Sir Robbins shook his head,Heart:nonsense!If you don’t know that you won’t be able to replicate it even if you give you 30 years,Why did Laozi give up、Desperately trying to putRB211sell to you?
As for the loan, Ralph·Sir Robbins is not rare,The loan is to be repaid,And it’s paying back with the profit,Not even overdue,Otherwise·Royce Group’s credit has a bad influence,But if it is enoughRB211with“Thai”650-8CPack it up and sell it to Fernandez·Chen,That’s different,It’s like picking it up for nothing2More than a billion!I want to pit your money!
As for one day in the future, Chen Geng really successfully copiedRB211……
What does that have to do with me?If one day,Maybe I have been buried in the soil for many years。
Also because of Rawls·RoyceRB211Have confidence in the technical content,They didn’t even buy it from Chen GengRB211Set restrictions,For example, it cannot be used for military purposes,Don’t impact Rawls·Royce originalRB211Market……
It’s not that they can’t think of it,But they know,Chen Geng pairRB211Is not interested at all,If there is still a little hope without any restrictions,Restricted clause,Then there is no hope at all——Say a thousand things and ten thousand,Still Rawls·Royce and the British governmentRB211Full of confidence,I don’t think that Chen Geng, who has no accumulation in the field of aviation engine technology, can successfully replicate it.RB211engine:From the first industrial revolution to the present hundreds of years of accumulation,I broke Lao Tzu with this engine,How can you do it?Even if I give you a full set of information and technology、patent,Teach you,Neither can you!