“It’s Qiangwei!”When I see a figure not far away,Ge Xiaolun’s eyes lit up suddenly,Then quickly walked over。

“Hey,So dangerous there,What did you do in the past!”Seeing Ge Xiaolun walk over,Xin Zhao at the back was dumbfounded,Just look at the blade,His legs are shaking。
“I’ll help。”Ge Xiaolun said without turning his head,I don’t know if I can help in the past。
“……”Xin Zhao is speechless,Then he looked at another newly recognized roommate beside him,Tao“Yaowen,what should we do?”
“Take a look。”Cheng Yaowen said in a hurry。
This is Super Seminary,He knows what he does better than Xin Zhao and Ge Xiaolun,So first we ruled out the enemy,Then there will be only companions。
I just don’t know why they fought,And look at this situation,The movement is not small!
“Endless?”Wu Xing finished a wave of sharp blades,Seeing Du Qiangwei didn’t plan to stop,No matter how good the temper is,Also a little angry。
It’s just that Du Qiangwei completely ignored Wu Xing,Controlling a wave of sharp blades to fly towards him again。
“by!This is what you asked for。”See you Wu Xing,Don’t plan to play,Take back the dagger,Reach out to the void,Countless sharp blades disappear instantly without a trace。
“Ok?!”Du Qiangwei felt that the blade of control was out of his control,I couldn’t help but let her stun,This is the first time she has encountered such a strange situation。
But it’s too late to make her think,Low voices came from all around,A sense of crisis spread throughout the body。
And the countless sharp blades that disappeared out of their control,With this call,Appeared around her out of thin air,But the bearing is no longer flying towards the other side,Instead, he lased at her。
“Rose be careful。”I saw the goddess shooting from a distance to my heart,Ge Xiaolun shouted anxiously。
“how is this possible!”Seeing these sharp blades flying towards me,Du Qiangwei’s heart turned a huge wave。
“not good!”Reacted to Du Qiangwei’s confusion,Can’t help but cry,Immediately use the wormhole removal technology to get yourself into the wormhole。
But even so,Because I was shocked just now,A few sharp blades cut her clothes。
Wait till show up again,It’s now in this half-shielded and half-exhausted state……