Insufficient skin care makes you rough _1

Insufficient skin care makes you rough

How good you are to yourself, just look at the details of your skin.

Tips, elbows, feet, waist and back, whether the fatigue and dullness have appeared, because you are negligent, otherwise you can’t do it. These fatigues have affected your delicate appearance.

  The powder is rubbed on the face, and the neck is not enough.

Cation dullness is actually a sign of skin burnout.

How much has it done with whitening mask alone?

Let me tell you, the white swan-like appointment is made by water.

  Choosing neck cream to replenish is the king. Do you know that the amount of sebum and sweat glands is only 1/3 of the face, so it is quite dry here, and the dry is the real cause of neck wrinkles and dullness, so whiteningTo improve the brightness and dullness, with little effect, only the hydration can make the neck shine through.

The neck creams on the market are mainly anti-aging, and this model of Bejas, while having anti-aging effects, has a very good hydration effect, and can help the skin lock in moisture.

Before using it, at least it becomes noticeably soft and shiny, and fine lines are reduced a lot.

This one can be used for lifting at least. When using, apply it along the chest to at least to make the muscles in the chest firmer and look natural.

  Water film is the way to correct whitening. The skin here is so thin that it can easily get tanned. Apply a water film from time to time to whiten the neck.

However, you must choose a water film instead of a wash-type whitening mask. Reset is to absorb no nutrients, and the water film can absorb well.

You can soak the water film with whitening lotion and do it three to four times a week.

When rubbing lotion in the morning and evening, pour some on the palm, rub it around the neck, and then apply hydrating neck cream. As long as you insist, you can have a beautiful swan-like neck.

  If you want to use a scrub, you must choose a smooth and non-angular corner. Here you also need to exfoliate, but as long as you aim at the face, the skin here is only 2/3 of the thickness of the face.It makes it duller and accelerates aging.

Therefore, the exfoliation here must be particularly gentle, and the particles are polished to a uniform size. The Elizabeth Arden’s green tea body exfoliating cream is a very gentle one among many body exfoliating products.The granules chosen are sea salt, weighed evenly and smoothed to protect the skin.

And it will launch a rich foam of green tea after kneading, which is more reassuring, because foam can reduce the effect of particle friction.

When using it, be sure to massage gently in a circular motion for prevention, about a few two minutes is enough. Do not rub vigorously for the sake of success, but it can’t stand it.

  Is your body wash suitable for the back end?

The back of this piece of oil is heavy, and the acne is endless, and the acne marks are too much. How can cleaning only be enough?

Therefore, those used here must be oil controlled, anti-inflammatory, and anti-acne marks!

  Bath products should be able to control the oil. The upper half of the back is not as secretive as the face, and many people do n’t even have acne on their bodies.

And we usually pay less attention to the front than the face, so acne is here to demonstrate to us.

It is important to find an oil-controlling bath product that is anti-inflammatory for emerging acne and anti-melanin for acne that is about to go extinct.

Jurique’s citrus shower gel has these effects.

When you use it, let the foam stay on the back for a bit, and take a targeted massage, the effect will be better, and within a few days, you can feel that the acne is noticeably smaller.

  Scrubs must be able to remove acne marks on the back of the oily ground, keratin accumulation is inevitable, so scrubs must not be ignored.

The back is exposed to ultraviolet rays in summer, which is also the cause of melanin precipitation and obvious acne marks, so this scrub must not only have an effect on eliminating keratin, but also improve the problem of dullness.

Keno’s body exfoliating cream has the effect of reducing dullness, rubbing in circles on the back with particles, and at the same time it is smooth and very refreshing.

  Just look at your feet to see how delicate you are to yourself.

The stress is here, and the fatigue is long overdue, so relieving your feet is the key to treating yourself well.

  Foot care and soothing are always felt first. Feet are the most aggrieved part of the whole body. The pressure of the body plus high heels, too much walking and localization, make the feet thicker and drier, so it is maintenance for foot pressure relief.First step.

Herborist’s foot scrub not only promotes blood circulation, relaxes the feet, but also eliminates the odor of the feet. The scrub is also very suitable.

After using it, it seems like a foot massage is very relaxing.

  Oil flour is enough to moisturize the heel. It is a place that does not secrete oil at all, so it is very eager for oil to moisturize it.

Biotherm’s body nourishes the oil. The spray-type design is very intimate. It only needs to spray a few times on the heel. It absorbs quickly and can feel its oil quality is very good, so it will not feel sticky at all, and you can immediately see the heel change.Very shiny.

  At the waist, in the eyes of men, there is a unique sexy taste here, so how can there be the lines left by puberty here, fade it, and leave no room for streaks!

  Here the exfoliation must be strong and tight, and the waist and chest are thicker parts of leather. Some dirt can easily accumulate in the skin on weekdays, and it is necessary to focus on cleaning.When using scrub products, you can add gravity to this part and rub for a few more minutes.

The scrub with firming function is more suitable for the waist and can lift the muscles of the hips at the same time.

L’Occitane’s Almond Firming Scrub is not only whitening and firming, but the almond kernel and saccharin can also promote blood circulation in the waist, which is very effective.

  Both stretch marks and growth lines can be used. The growth lines that we leave in adolescence, or the stretch marks that we leave during pregnancy, are especially noticeable on the waist.

Clarins has products specifically designed to deal with stretch marks and growth lines. Many people around this product have used this product. The growth lines on the waist are obviously lighter, and the skin texture becomes smoother. You need to massage from the hip to the waist when using.

  Don’t try to grind your elbows as thin as your face. This is due to another hidden danger of your age. It is easier to get older than before. You have to pay attention to it from a young age.

Grind vigorously with a scrub?

In fact, this does not improve the problem.

  Don’t try to grind it to the skin like a face, and moisturize it to remove dead skin. It is enough to protect our joints. The skin has evolved to be extremely tough.

Usually we will choose a strong scrub to polish this piece of skin. I think it ‘s okay to be rough here. In fact, the roughness of the elbows is for the needs of the body.It also loses its protective function.

Therefore, the choice of scrub is mainly to remove dead skin on the surface and to replenish water.

  Fighting against sagging and exacerbation is the most important thing. Actually, the biggest problem in the elbow is aging, so replenishing elasticity and firmness is the key.For the arm, massage from the forearm to the forearm. Sticking to it can have obvious results, and this firmness is also very moisturizing. When you massage the elbow for a longer time, it immediately becomes moisturizing.