“You are fine.。”

Williams put it down in summer,Faint。
“Wow……”Williams mouth spurting a big blood,Face is pale。
He shook his head,Wipe to the mouth of the mouth,“Nothing,Just suffered a little slightly http://www.ljyg0591.cn injury,Are you?。”
“I am fine.。”
Summer facial expression,Looking at the waste factory,“Have you been chasing the secret before you??”
Williams shook again,Feeling in your eyes,“I have chased it for a long time.,Those people are dead,And that bomb……Should be the same as the bar,Is a destruction bomb made of metal hydrogen,It’s too powerful.。”
Toned,He said with bitterness,“I am very good.,Easy。”
“What should I do next??
It’s calculated.?
The other party is clearly used as a base。”
Asked in summer。
Williams is silent。
A few seconds,Flashing a spicy in the eyes,“Can’t,I will use arms,Will frometry here,Hum!I don’t believe that he can pass the missile.!”
http://www.skinfactory.cn “Since this,Now you can implement it now。”
Summer eyes are also bright。
“It is not so easy to use armed.,Need a lot of programs。”
Williams shakes his head,“Moreover,Although it is a suburbs,If it is bombing,It will definitely cause a small impact,This is not what I want to see.。”
Toned,Swift,“Let it go,Let’s go back,A long discourse……Heap!”
Not finished。
Williams stunned。
Look up。
哒 哒 哒。
The roar of the propeller is from the air.,Flashing red light,From far and near。
“This is……”Williams pupil,“Armed helicopter?”
Night sky,I only saw three armed helicopters,And quickly circulate over the waste plant。
Summer means a deep voice,“Old guy,It seems that you are ready.。”
“Me……”Williams mouth,Heart is stressful。
He naturally does not arrange helicopter bombing。
But I http://www.hns2.cn am afraid that the summer will be seen in the summer.,Only strong fluctuation fluctuations,Say,“I don’t think I can’t let go.,The people of the Moz are very dangerous,Must kill it。”
Summer looks at the night sky,The corner of the mouth can not check the coldness。
“咻咻 咻咻……”As if responding to him,The rocket bomb of three armed helicopters launched the hive while lumining huge tail flames.。
A rocketball is wrapped in a burst-like sound barrier,Since the top, hit it。
“Rumble……”This waste plant seems to have encountered irresistible power.,Almost instantly became a ruin。
Huge explosive sound tongue。