“It is the source of the Japanese concession!”Tie Tiecheng and Su Wenqian said,

“Before you killed more than 20 concessions,Tomorrow, we have killed all the dedications of the source of the source.!Especially in the well, Japan must die!”
“Yes!Is there a action plan??”
“Wait!”Zheng Yao first listened to the rituit:“I said why your kid doesn’t take us.!”
“Our four people should be enough.!”Ritual,
“Chief,There are at least forty devils in the source of the source.,And the force is not bad……”Tie City said,
“I know their force!Also know your force!”Qi Rui said to Tiri City and Su Wenqian one bag,Two people opened the steel balls that were all thumbs of belly,
“Do you have two not a slingshot?!And you should also carry it with you.,No matter what you used to use the stone before you,But I advise you to use this when you use a slingshot.!I think you can let them play the greatest power.!But you remember!Don’t bring the bows tomorrow night!Don’t bring these steel balls!”
Since there is a pistol with muffler,There is no need to bring a slingshot.,The steel ball in the bag will make a sound,Rui Rui gives them steel balls because of the next cooperation, I don’t know when。
“Thank you!”Ti Tiecheng and Su Wenqian did not dare to ask this chief to understand himself.,
“no!Don’t open topics!I will go with you tomorrow night.!”Zheng Yao said first,
“Six brother!You really want to go?”Qi Rui,
“Must go!Don’t underestimate your six brothers.!Saying force, you are still not seeing me.!”Zheng Yao first wants to be 锐 Do not 想 自己,But what he tastes this is not an adventure?,
“You can go!Bring Zhao Ji and Song Xiaofan!Tomorrow, we have passed the source of the source.!But remember a little!Try not to let the other party have the opportunity to shoot!So you must wear a warrior!I have already made it a lot of clothes.!But you have to prepare yourself!Including big too knife!”
After the explanation,Rapu probably actions and evacuation routes and preparation programs have been detailed in detail,Then I said to Zheng Yao first:“Six brother!Let Song Xiaofan and Zhao Ji receive in the designated location, respectively.!At that time, the five people will be separated from hidden in the day.,After waiting for the fertile, I want to leave.!”
“Row!That will be here tomorrow night.?”
“不!There are many rooms in Hongkou now,Before, the Japanese people live,Because I have to fight a lot of overseas Chinese to move away,What you have to do is mixed in the day in advance.,Waiting for the evening we are in Tongyuan Ocean!Next, you all learn to do makeup surgery.!”Rui Rui, open the backpack,Take some cosmetics from inside。
Makeup is a skill that must be mastered by an intelligence and actor,Qi Rui teaches them that these anti-Japanese hero are unscrupulous.。
The next morning,Blue blushing with some gifts to Huimin drug store,But I found that the pharmacy did not open the door.,She still thought that she came too early, so waited outside for a while.,The result is not open for nine o’clock.,She finally couldn’t help but knock on the door.。
“sorry,Drug shop does not open these days!”Fu Ying, shouted in it,
“I am coming to find a rude!My name is Blo Blush!”
“You come around the back door.!”
Fu Yingxue opened the back door to let the blue carp in the pharmacy,Say:“Qi boss is not!Do you have anything??”
“Nothing,I am his friend!I heard that he came to see a pharmacy.!And he promised me to play often!”Blue Koff and other side。
“The boss has greeted us.!You casually!”Fu Yingxue said that he is busy,
“The boss is not saying that there are two big beautiful women.!Another one?”Blue Carrier two days at home,The Japanese is rude is a special specialty for the special class.,Then this one in the pharmacy is impossible to be the special agent,That is to say, these two women should be a ghost children.!It is a Heli Assistant Assistant。
“are you talking about me?”Chen Jiaying came out from the first floor office,
“It’s still beautiful.!Rui sharp eyes are really good!”Blue carcass,
“Qi boss tells us that your memory is very good??”Since let the exam blue carp,That’s a little better.,Chen Jiaying asked,
“I will not forget from a child.!”
“Can I test you??”
“it is good!You come with me!”