Yingzi didn’t blank his eyes:“I seem to remember that you came over at noon to make trouble。”

“is it,Brother, i don’t remember。”
If not for the scene,She’s already facing the upper corner of her crotch。
Xia Chenglong, who was going to go upstairs, stopped,It seems he is the only one who can solve the problem。
“Lin Laowu,You go quickly,I’ll just call my brother if I don’t leave!”
Speaking of Qi Chong,The other’s face changed,Obviously the strength of Transformation Peak is still very suppressing for them。
But the other party got bold again after the little brother secretly said a few sentences:“Yingzi,Don’t lie to me,I’ve already inquired,Your brother is probably as drunk as a pig right now,Still get up?”
Yingzi is really mad,Beat and beat,And they have a backstage,Just let it go on weekdays,I’m doing things again now。
“Or else,How about you accompany me to drink two cups tonight?”
Lin Laowu said,Actually do it。
But the other party just reached out,Stopped in the air before landing on Yingzi。
“Hey……Who is your special code?,Dare to manage my affairs,Get out of here。”
Xia Chenglong naturally disdains talking to such people,Standing in front of Yingzi after being thrown away by the opponent。