“In my hometown Qiaojiabao,This is a very traditional game,It’s impossible for outsiders to know,I believe even you,And Aunt Hanfei for so many years,I’m afraid I don’t know the mystery of willow branches?”

Rubin is silent,Anji is an authentic American,He really doesn’t know about willow branches。
“What’s the matter with you??Obviously I have experienced all this personally,I saw it with my own eyes,How could it be wrong?”Rubin still refuses。
personal experience?witness?
Rubin’s words are like passing current,Make Qiao Tianyu’s body suddenly shake。!
what the hell!
Isn’t this a true portrayal of Qiao Tianyu from the previous life??
The last life Qiao Tianyu smashed Wall Street,Immediately the world financial wave,I thought I earned it all by myself。
But at the last moment before death,He knew he was manipulated for a lifetime,I am just someone else’s puppet!
It can be seen that personal experience is not necessarily true,What you see is not necessarily true!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu more doubted whether Rubin really knew the truth!
“Uncle Rubin,How about this,Let’s put aside who is who,Let me talk about what to do next。”Qiao Tianyu took the initiative to change the direction of the conversation。
“My goal is simple,Borrow money from that financial oligarch,Acquired substantial shares of Merck Motor Group,Kick Anji out of Merck Motor Group,To relieve my hatred,Warn Han Fei’s Spirit in the Sky!”
“Oh oh,I know。”Qiao Tianyu nodded。
“Then your goal is to acquire the shares of Merck Automotive Group?”