pop up,Need a share here,If it really becomes what Qin Feng said,What will happen to this?

Two people dare not think too much,Because they are afraid of thinking too much, their heart is also a little afraid。
Just don’t know what,There seems to be a voice in their hearts telling them,Maybe you can fight hard。
“Money these things,That may not be absent,We can also lend to support you,If I get all my net worth by myself,There are almost tens of millions。”
Tianguang also took a deep breath and said,“Besides, my friend also has some money,I can borrow from them,As long as there are enough funds to withdraw,It’s all possible。”
(End of this chapter)
Chapter VIII Can only fight
Heard this,Huang Junjie said in disbelief:“I go,Are you trying to make a desperate move??”
“If you don’t fight this time,,How can I fight hard from now on??”Tianguang said with a positive face:“I don’t think there is any local industry,That can be faster than ours。”
“understand。”Huang Junjie also reacted,He smiled and said:“I also have tens of millions,The money should be enough for Qin Feng to spoil for a while。”
Although the words mean that,But Qin Feng really felt a little awkward,What is spoiled,He does things honestly to make money, OK?,I was told this,He is really sad。
“Are you guys inhumane?,I’m conscientious,Just need to do a little more projects。”