Mr. Zheng’s remarks haven’t finished yet,The ears of the people around you are already standing up。

In fact, although COMAC has been established for several years,But Chen Geng never choseF100Production site。
In the beginning,No one thinks this is a problem,Everyone thinks that Chen Geng will definitely locate the factory in Bingcheng,But with Chen Geng for so long“Stand still”,Many smart people are gradually recalling:seem……The situation is not what everyone thinks?Hafei may not beF100In the country“Designated production unit”?
And without a doubt,Chen Geng’s answer to Lao Zheng’s question,You can already answer these questions from the side。
“Early words,It is still based on the production capacity of Falkland,”Chen Geng feels that it is time to announce some information,No tubes sold,Then said:“As forF100Localization problem,whenF100After getting the airworthiness permit,We will startF100Site selection of domestic factories,As for capacity planning……”
Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Xue Song is anxious:“Mr. Chen,Mr. Chen,You didn’t say that when COMAC was founded……”
“Oh?”Chen Geng responded,Asked rhetorically:“For where to buildF100The final assembly plant,What i said?Our contract clearly stipulates that the Hafei plant will be establishedF100Is your assembly plant already??”
“of course……Yes……”
Xue Songgang wants to say“Of course it is”,But he opened his mouth,However, I was surprised to find that in the relevant contract on the establishment of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group,Without Chen Geng, Fokker will definitely be established in Hafei FactoryF100Regulations of assembly plant,The only requirement is that Hafei Factory willF100Provide foundry services for main body formation,F100After localization,Workers will be mainly from Hafei Factory、Workers from Chengfa Factory,At the same time provide a certain percentage of local jobs,In addition, it clarified the identity of Hafei Plant as a shareholder of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group.,Everyone had always thought that Chen Geng would be formed in BingchengF100Idea of assembly plant,I totally subconsciously think。
But the more so,Xue Song is anxious:Does Chen Geng want to change his mind?He grabbed Chen Geng’s hand,Anxious:“Mr. Chen,What are your plans for this final assembly plant?”
“Xuebe@long,do not worry,This assembly plant must be established in the name of COMAC,The personnel must also be based on the original Hafei Factory、Workers in Yuancheng Hair Factory,Don’t worry about this。”Seeing Xue Song whose face turned red,Chen Geng didn’t deliberately confuse his appetite,Gave him a reassurance。
really,I heard Chen Geng’s words,Xue Song suddenly breathed a sigh of relief,But then,He looked confused again:“that……Why didn’t you plan to put the final assembly plant in Bingcheng?”
“Because of the cost。”
“cost?”Xue Song’s doubts。
“Yes,Is the cost,”Chen Geng nodded,Explain to him:“You need to know,With the supporting capabilities of the domestic aviation industry,A long time after the assembly plant was established,F100The main components of the fuselage must be shipped from European supporting companies,Right?”
Xue Song nodded。
Chen Geng then explained:“For cost considerations,We can only go by sea,You say,under these circumstances,Is this final assembly plant suitable for Bingcheng??”
“Uh……This one……”
Xue Song was speechless。
He wanted to say“Why not?”What,But if Chen Geng’s original idea was to put this assembly plant in the south of the Yangtze River,How to calculate the extra shipping cost?From big@How to calculate the cost of railway transportation to Bingcheng?Not to mention that the fuselage components of the aircraft are no better than ordinary cargo,You need to be very careful and careful when transporting。