This is the power of intelligence!Just do your homework,To deal with these stupid people,It’s too easy!

Kim So Yeon and Bae Jun Ki’s marriage,Fried hot in Korea,So Kim Soyeon came to China secretly,I also want to avoid the hype in the media。
But these things are in the eyes of those who care,Not a secret。
Second Ye learned about the relationship between Kim So Yeon and Daewoo Group,Want to understand what happened in Korea,Not too difficult。
then,Based on the information from South Korea,Developed relevant plans,Sure enough,Everything is expected。
“who are you?”The second master saw Lu Menglin step forward,Can’t help asking。
Lu Menglin is also a little angry at the moment,He understands Kim So Yeon’s feelings,The last failed marriage was well known,Not without a blow to her life,But she is strong,She doesn’t say。
So Lu Menglin has never been different,And will not let parents and friends know about Korea。
It’s a pity that people are not as good as heaven,Have been hiding it for so long,But I didn’t expect to be exposed。
“I’m her friend!”Lu Menglin had to answer casually。
at this time,Including Lu Menglin,No one doubts that these three people claim to be Interpol。
“friend?”Er Ye sneered。
“Bae Jun Ki is dead,He died of murder!And Ms. Jin happened to be missing for so long,Our Interpol was commissioned by South Korean prosecutors,Intervene in the investigation of this case。Ms. Kim,Except for this case,You are also involved in many huge economic disputes,Please come with us!”
That’s it for Erye,Deliberately glanced at Lu Menglin coldly,The meaning couldn’t be more obvious。
If your kid dares to claim to be her friend,Then take it away,Take the survey!
After the Interpol finished talking,The whole house was in an uproar。
When everyone’s eyes are looking at Kim So Yeon,Has become extremely unnatural。
Kim So Yeon lost her mind for a while,panicked,I had to follow the other side towards the door,The pace is stiff like a robot。
Lu Menglin wanted to follow,But was violently held by his father Lu Youshan,The latter’s face was terribly gloomy。
No wonder Lu Youshan is so angry,The news that this Korean girl was married,Already considered a blockbuster,It blows people’s heads dumbfounded,And her ex-husband died unexplainably,This is even more terrifying,My heart is cold。