Turn around and walk away。

The male colleague is still a little confused,I went back to my department to find out,I just learned the ins and outs of the matter。
It seems that I only took two days off,Such a shocking event happened in the company。
It seems that you should pay more attention to your own words and affairs。
Xiao Fan just sat down after returning to the office,I heard the sound of high heels coming from far and near。
No need to think,I also know who this voice belongs to。
Xiao Fan looked at the door,really,Qiao Anan。
After Qiao Anan put a pile of materials on Xiao Fan’s desk,I just sat on the reception sofa。
Xiao Fan pointed to what Qiao An’an put down,Asked:“what is this?”
Qiao Anan said casually:“Details of the new security guards recruited by your department!how about it?Interesting enough,I personally brought it to you。”
“Ok!Although it was your voluntary,But I still have to thank you!”Xiao Fan said。
Qiao Anan glanced at Xiao Fan who thanked her,Said:“Really boring,Actually said thank you to me!”
Xiao Fan smiled casually,No more words,But looked up the information。
Qiao Anan walked to Xiao Fan,Patted the table,Xiao Fan just raised his head,Asked:“What’s the matter?”
Qiao Anan turned around,Asked:“Don’t you find any difference to me today?”
After Qiao Anan’s reminder,Xiao Fan then took a good look at Qiao An’an。
“This suit is not bad!”Xiao Fan commented on Qiao Anan’s clothes。
After finishing speaking, he turned his eyes back to the materials on the table。