Build men’s good figure push-ups to help

Build men’s good figure push-ups to help

Push-ups, while your muscles are working out, push-ups can also train your sense of balance if you want to practice handstands.

Then we must start with this action.

  The upgraded version of push-ups, in addition to retaining the traditional hip exercises, can also sculpt the muscles of the hips and shoulders.

Think about it, if you do push-ups every time.

It is a time-saving and labor-saving thing to be able to train three desired muscles at the same time!

  Friendly reminder: Of course, if you have chronic pain in your shoulder, please use it with caution!

  How to get ready: Support your feet on a flat bench and don’t bend your legs.

Keep your thighs and calves straight and parallel to the ground.

Keep your waist down, keep your elbows greater than 90 degrees, and support your upper body with both hands.

And give ample room for headaches.

  Movement process: Unlike the vertical push-up of traditional push-ups, MH requires you to do left and right support with a change in center of gravity.

Start with the positive electrode.

Tilt your head to the left, tilt your left elbow to the left, and then slowly move your elbow to the right.

During the movement, other parts remain relatively still.

  Friendly reminder: due to slightly more difficult movements.

6 per group?
8 times.

  After you have done it, maybe you will have an epiphany. This page has never looked at itself.

  From experience, you can clearly feel that the target area is swollen and hot.

Make 10 in each group.

After adhering to the 4 groups, you are absolutely fortunate.

Your teacher did not learn to use this 2 then.

Version 0 is here to punish you.

But on the positive side, this upgraded version is indeed two top three groups.

Especially at the end of the day training.

It is certainly possible to know what state the will is above the flesh.

  Breaking out of the jogging platform when you find that nothing works after running.


Your platform is here.

At this stage, your exercise results will be discounted a lot.

But don’t worry, MH helps you through it easily.

  1. The intensity during the breakthrough should depend on your physical fitness, and you should breathe slightly after each run.

  2. If you want to lose fat, increase it to at least 40 minutes to 50 minutes every day.

  3. Do stretching exercises after running.

Otherwise the muscles will be stiff.

After stretching, you can add some extra weight training: 4, in addition, the necessary arm training can also help you improve endurance, so that you can upgrade.