Built from "Connected Bridge" to get rich road

Original title: The "Connected Bridge" was built to the new "Connected Bridge" newly built in Liuhegou Village, Liuhegou Village.

Reporter Cui Zi photo "Don’t look at this small river is not in the eyes, you can" walk ".

It is often not a car in the rainy season.

More than ten years ago, I also rushed to a boy who was 15 years old. Now I am fine, there is a ‘Connected Bridge’, the door is convenient, and the car can also enter the village. "On December 8, the villagers of Liuhegou Village, Gaozi Town, Yisheng County, Jinzhou City said.

8 bridge piers, the bridge is 100 meters long, the bridge is wide … look at the "Connected Bridge" on the Liuhe, the villagers praise. The captain of the village team and the "First Secretary" Wang Chengquan said: "I first came to the village, I was blocked by Liuhe. I got off the bus and pulled up the boat, squatting shoes, river over the river.

"At that time, Wang Chengquan made a determination, led the villagers to repair a bridge.

Wang Cheng’s report to the city, county and two governments, to apply for the relevant departments, three times a time … Finally, the bridge is formed, the bridge is formed.

He rushed back to the village in the night, the next day, the villagers rushed to tell.

After more than four months of intense construction, the bridge was completed.

On the day of the bridge to train, the men and women in Liuhegou Village are less excited to tears. Dreams of generations of people in Liuhegou Village have been achieved, and the villagers’ bridge called "Connected Bridge". The bridge has been repaired, and the mountain road that can be pushing is also a big problem that plagues the villagers. Wang Chengqi has completed a rural road that connects 4 natural Tunneans in the support of the superior departments. The transportation in the village is convenient. Special agricultural products can also be shipped, and the road to the farmers is getting turning.

The cold apple in Liuhegou Village is delicious, and the quality is excellent.

In order to help the far-agricultural opening, Wang Cheng is actively negotiated with Beijing vendors, and finally signed a three-year contract with a price of double market prices. 30,000 kilograms of Apple is sold to the Beijing market each year, can increase 120,000 Yuan.

Wang Chengqiao also docked Shanghai to Iraqi listed company and reached the intention of acquisition of peanuts in Liuhegou Village, thousands of tons of characteristic peanuts to Shanghai, can add 500,000 yuan for villagers every year. (Editor: Filial Piety, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.