The huge city below,Give him a bit familiar feeling。

City’s pattern,Block layout,Architecture style,And the prostitute……Some seem to have met。
Half half,Summer is determined。
The god city of this giant city and Shenpu,Extremely similar。
Just like a set of mold sets down。
The only difference,This is the giant city,More than Shencheng,Also wide。
Surven many mountains have been included in。
“Trinity of the Temple,I am afraid that it is also the people of Tiancheng.……”
Summer is secretly speculated。
He quickly entered the city,The bustling of the face made him feel,And it is very easy to integrate into it.。
Next day,Summer began to familiarize and understand this giant city。
He visited several large chambers of commerce,Also often in the restaurant、Tea residence,Go to the city。
Also deliberately walked in front of the big forces in the city。
Touching shape color,Understand a http://www.fanqir.cn variety of information。
This city is huge,Unimaginable,Also make it always have hundreds of big and medium-sighted power.。
There is not much big forces,Only a few。
Tianguo Palace、Happy、Beidou 36th Hospital、Worship……These are great forces,Every warrior is turning。
However, these big forces have not been involved in the outside.。
Summer has to focus on those medium forces。
Finally get a message,Several days,A medium forces called those who have been robbed,Will recruit a batch of potential disciples。
Understand,Wancheng in the medium forces,Ranking is also calculated。
“It is……”
There is no time in the summer, etc.。
Can only return the quota of entering the eight-phase space。
Next,He began to pay attention to another thing。
Access to refinerists。
Refinerists are important here,Very http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cn distinguished。
And Tiancheng Temple is based on the major forces
Contribution to assign quota。
Contribution depends on a force contributing to a force、Jade、Dan、The advantages and disadvantages of resources such as demonics。
In fact,Although all major power pay attention to the level of personal cultivation,But really fragrant,Still those areas。
Each industry field,Have a guild headquarters。
Every field talent,Need qualification certification,Can be recognized。
“It seems that you must certify the refinerstine.……”
Summer is no longer hesitant,Listen to the location of the Refine Association,Biggest。
For a long time,He came to the city center。
The more bustling here。
Human flow shoulder,Young and female,all kinds,Various skin colors can see。