Soon after,Because of the scorching sun Jinzhu and the little fire dragon,Teenagers hardly need to spend time searching,Can determine the exact location of the torch,On the high mountain north of the island,Brightly lit there,It must be the big account of the coalition army。

The boy quickly climbed to the middle of the mountain,Overlooking the flat land,Densely packed are all camp tents,Flag flower,Various,You can see the camp from time to time on the gentle slope here,God will come and go at any time,So I dare not get too close to the top of the mountain。
Found a remote camp,Observe for a while,The teenager is sure that there is no one else around,But there is a breath in the camp,So he touched a stone and hit the trunk of a big tree not far away。
“who?”Someone asked in the account,But no answer,After a while, a god will come out,Wait and see,Waiting to return,Hard hit the back of the head。
The young man drags the gods into the camp,Find a strong rope to tie this person fast,I’m also smothered,Finally sealed the opponent’s anger、Shinzo,After thinking about it again and again,,To wake up each other,God will suddenly see the boy,Look flustered,Eyebrow flashes,Seem to know the teenager。
“I ask,You answer,No yelling,Otherwise it will kill you。”The young man reached out and pinched the gate of the god general,After seeing the other side nodding repeatedly,Fang removed the torn socks tucked in the opponent’s mouth,God will not dare to shout。
“you know me?”
“Have seen one or two,The final general will be a guerrilla general under the command of the Eastern Master。”
“There are people from Five Elements Island?”Young people are not surprised,I’ve been stupid a few times in the battle,The one that was looted by Dongfang Ruiqing was the most stupid one。
“Have。”God will hesitate,Still answered yes。
“How many people?Where?”
“About ten,Are locked in the back mountain。”God will evasive,Seeing the boy’s eyes rounded,Had to say again,“Two died the day before yesterday,Master Dongfang adjusted,Shut down the two important old men by the side of the mountain top,The rest are still locked in the back mountain。”
Young man,I suddenly felt relieved,The two old men naturally refer to Yi、King Two Elders,Since it’s still alive,Then easy。
“Why is it dead?”