The big world,It’s so surprising,Xia Jian was puzzled,Why is he inseparable from the thief??Even if it’s a chance encounter on the train,So here it is?Still the same group,There is such a coincidence in the world?But the truth is here,He had to believe。

Talking late,That is fast,The old cat has made a series of moves,Fortunately, Xia Jian is good at it,If this is a normal person,I have to call the old cat torn。
Bulk goods and second goods,Seeing the old cat for a long time,Secretly took the blade out of the pocket,Outflanked on both sides,For a time,Xia Jian was attacked by three women with murder weapons,He is really powerless,Seeing that the situation is getting worse and worse for him,Because he has retreated to the corner。
At this critical juncture,I only heard a bang,A trash can flew over,Dahuo and Erhu hurriedly ducked to both sides,Take this opportunity,Xia Jian jumped forward,Jumped out of the encirclement,He couldn’t help taking a breath。
“Hey!Still a group of female thieves,Then try Master Chen, my flying tube formation”Turns out it was Chen Erniu who caught up,He saw that the situation was not good,In a hurry,Moved the trash can by the roadside,Fortunately he has a brute force。
Bang,The second one flew over again,Big cat dodging,Screamed:“Here comes another one who is not afraid of death,Annul him”Big goods two goods one listen,Rushed to Chen Erniu quickly。
Xia Jian shouted:“Get away!“
But it’s still a bit late,Chen Erniu has been surrounded by large goods and Erhuo groups,Although this kid has been in society with Xia Jian some years ago,But his skill is far worse than Xia Jian。
Just listen to Chen Erniu dodge left and right,But there was still a few hissing noises of blades on the clothes,Xia Jian finished thinking,He plucked green onions on a dry land,The whole person rises into the sky,Kick out,Just listen to the screams of Dahuo and Erhuo,Two people are almost at the same time,Fell to the ground。
This trick,Xia Jian generally doesn’t use it,he knows,Once you get out,Will hurt,as expected,Two women who fell on the ground,Haven’t got up for a long time。
Old cat sees it,Scream:“OK!You hurt my sister,My old cat fights with you today“
So loud,It seems that the old cat really made a killer move this time,Not only is it fierce,And the trick is deadly,A few tricks down,Xia Jian can only parry,He backed a few steps in a row,Thought,My fate。
I just feel cold on my belly,Brand new white shirt,A long cut has been made by the claws of the old cat,The belly may have been scratched。
Very bad situation,Chen Erniu was scared stupid,Where are you standing like a woodcarving。
“Comrade Quick Police!They are inside“A woman’s voice was mixed with a mess of footsteps。
suddenly,Five or six people poured in from the alley,Song Fang and Xia Sanhu are at the top,Behind them,Followed by a few policemen。
Xia Jian was overjoyed when he saw it,But he just cares,The left arm dodges a little slower,Just hear a hiss,A sleeve has been sharpened by the old cat’s finger,Tear in half from the root,A piercing pain。
“Don’t move,Shoot again,Hands behind head“The police quickly surrounded,Face four black muzzles,The old cat still raised his hands unwillingly。
On the bench of Jeju City Criminal Police Brigade,Xia Jian has white gauze wrapped around one arm,Clothes on,Broken into strips,Looks terrifying。Xia Erniu sitting next to him,The clothes on my body are not much better,The good thing is that this guy is not injured。
“Thank you both very much,Verified,Which three women caught just now,It is the important criminal wanted by the Ministry of Railways,I represent the police,Thanks two!“A policeman in his forties,Came out,Holding Xia Jian’s hand and said。