Even if I have seen a lot of beautiful women,The heart is also invisible, this leg is really long.,The figure is really good,That pair is so beautiful,Li Hui Feng is also full of appreciation,But if you don’t have something else, he feels impossible.。

“Hello,My name is Xia Xue,Can you find a convenient place to talk??”
Faced with summer snow and polite,Li Hui also hurriedly held it.。
The smooth feeling of smooth and soft, let Li Xiang feel like a tofu that holds the pan.,It seems to be slightly smileful.。
“My name is Li Hui.,Come with me.,Things in my house。”
Looking at Li Hui’s moment with Xia Xue,Many people around you are swallowing。
Lianhua Village has always been a poor village,Traffic occlusion,Communication is not developed,The most trend of people who can touch the village is the popularity of the county.。
And Xia Xue’s appearance,Let people in the village feel like those who have come out of TV.。
Xia Xue’s beauty and the old lady in the village are not a grade.。
For Xia Xue, I walked into Li Hui Fengjia.,The people around them are also discussing。
“Who is the woman?,Is it a girlfriend??”
“Unlike a ah,If a girlfriend is also introduced with a face??”
“Um,Right,But people dress up really bold,And the skin is white as the snow.,It’s a big city.。”
“Yup,You don’t look at the cars that people open.,Although I don’t know the car,But such a car is definitely expensive.。”
Li Hui’s door is a curious look.。
This makes Li Xiangfeng is also a bit awkward.。
“Don’t mind,They have no badness,Just I have never seen you, the beauty of you and your BMW,After all, it is too big here.。”
When Li Hui said, Li Hui took the house in Tianqi who was drying.。
Wang Jing did not expect to talk to his son today or a big beauty.,Some of Xia Xue wear is too exposed.,Let her be embarrassed。
“girl,Please sit,Try our own fried tea。”
For passionate Wang Jing,Summer Snow is a little cold face, finally showing a smile.。
“Aunt,Don’t trouble you,I came over, I talked to Mr. Li.。”
Facing the smile showing on summer snow,Don’t say Li Hui,It is Wang Jing everywhere.。
Xia Xue is not laughing and laughing is just two very different beauty.。
The beauty of the cold beauty and the sun, let Li Hui Feng is a fast running method to keep the mood.。
And Wang Jing heard that hundreds of thousands of money is a little business, and there is no more saying more.,She is afraid that one accidentally provokes the other party, I am not happy, I’m not good.。
“Let’s talk first.,I don’t bother you.。”
Wang Jing said,Side of the tea is handed to Li Hui,The meaning of that God is very obvious to let Li speak well with the wind.。
Li Hui Feng looked at your mother to make it look like,Can’t help but let Wang Jing first。
After all, the initiative is now in his hand.,He can’t make the initiative to let go,However, the courtesy is still。
“Miss Xia please,Try our own hiveclist first.,As for this field, you can check casually。”
Looking at Li Hui’s unparalleled appearance,Xia Xue is also slightly stunning。
Before she had some doubtful Tian Qi’s fake,But now it is no longer doubt.,Because Li Hui’s performance is too confident.,Confident let her find a silk flaw。
She is also gently sitting down,Then a pair of jade legs are gently placed.,The waist is straight and gently passed by Li Hui.。
The red lips are gently put on the green tea on the green tea.。
moment,That kind of unique fragrance,Fragrance let her feel the spirit。