Can’t you buy fakes??

Yang Zimei has done such a long time for directors at such a low cost,Met such a silly girl,Wang Shuai’s heart ups and downs for a while,Contrast Rose’s shrewdness to seize the opportunity,Compared with Li Xiang’s profit-seeking idea,Yang Zimei is too honest……
Wang Shuai sighed silently,It’s really hard to meet people!
then,He thinks it can reduce the expected expenditure,Reduce the cost of use。Don’t squeeze when you meet real people,That’s not wasted the chance of meeting?
“Your cooperation with the director is pretty good,I can follow this method if you like。”What Wang Shuai said seemed to respect her ideas,Chen Wenjin felt that he met someone like Wang Shuai,Honest people can only lose and don’t know。
“Ok……”Yang Zimei hesitated,She still hopes for more benefits,I was so embarrassed to say,Directors are gone,She didn’t know who else to find,But if you don’t mention it right now, there will be no chance,So hesitated,Or:“This model is not bad, right,but,I’m not sure what I need help,Sometimes it happens to be tight and nothing to do,In a hurry,If there is a fixed allowance……”
Wang Shuai nodded in understanding:“of course,I am not a director,I’ll treat you better than him。Every time before you do something,After understanding the difficulty of the matter, you can clearly propose the desired reward,Can be a gift,Can also be cash;Besides,I give you a fixed amount of money every month,I will give you whatever I need to do this month,But corresponding,You need to do a little bit of duty,is that OK?”
“no problem!Thank you Wang Shuai!”Yang Zimei is very happy to toast,Of course understand what the so-called obligation is,There’s no reason to raise her for nothing。
This is Yang Zimei’s most ideal way,She is happy,I did not forget to invite Chen Wenjin to drink together,Said quickly:“Thanks for your help。”
Chen Wenjin waved his hand and said:“Nothing to do with me,Don’t be grateful。”
Chen Wenjin wonders whether Yang Zimei will anger him in the future.……Wang Shuai is definitely not a good pit,But for Yang Zimei,Not a bad pit,At least better than the director’s pit。
Yang Zimei stopped drinking,And asked a little bit of curiosity and worry:“that、How much pocket money can you give me every month?”
Wang Shuai thought about Yang Zimei, probably because he wanted to take advantage of Chen Wenjin to be a witness next to him,Confirmed these,Lest she can’t help it when he turns around,Just smiled and asked her:“How about this,Talk about your ideal number。”
“I feel that if you have five or six hundred pocket money every month,It’s enough for school, right?。”Yang Zimei didn’t make a fixed payment when he was with the director,Are the main points when you are short of money,Fifty one hundred two hundred uncertain,But she mainly buys luxury goods,Counting on help in exchange for expensive、Favorite items。I feel that Wang Shuai always pays money for everything,She can’t actually spend a month,More than half。
In school after all,After all, for Yang Zimei,The minimum wage in this era is only three to four hundred,She eats, lives and lives at home,Go out to play without inviting guests,What you want depends on doing things,With a standard that is more than the minimum wage, casual spending,It’s a luxury。