After familiarizing with the basic profile,Start to promote,Set short-term goals and long-term publicity goals,Work pace is very fast。Almost no chance to breathe,Tian Lu interviewed in the morning,In the afternoon, I was on the right track of research work.。

Maybe,Results can only be achieved under a high-intensity work environment,And they are all leaders with deep professional accomplishments,Tian Lu feels an unprecedented hunger for learning and planning knowledge,used to beXtThe skill of network technology work,In Shenglan International Optoelectronics, it is like a three-legged cat Kung Fu,Can’t get on the table。
Even though the job is officially started as soon as the interview,Tian Lu is still happy。
When a member of the planning department is discussing the planning plan in a meeting room set up temporarily,The beauty of the Ministry of Personnel will bring in the boss who will inspect,The boss and several entourages with helmets on the construction site,I watched the scene of the research work of several people who passed the interview,Very satisfied,Glanced at the door,I left and walked to the nearby construction site。Number five
“The smell of decoration is still there,You must grasp the materials,Do not use excessive formaldehyde,Old du,You have to do a good job of logistics supervision。”The young boss wearing a helmet is Ding Kelan,He tilted his head to explain to Old Du who was a little blessed on the right。
Lao Du quickly responded:“Into the materials and construction links,We all have special classes strictly inspected。”
Ding Kelan looked up at the skyscraper a few hundred meters high,At the same time, tell another person around:“You have to tell the workers,Must pay attention to safety,Have you bought safety insurance??”
A thinner middle-aged man next to him replied:“This has long been in accordance with your request,We have implemented every detail of humanistic care for construction workers,The insurance must be bought。”
“Ok,That’s good。”Ding Kelan usually has a slippery tone、Flowing,Be serious,rhythmic。
According to common sense,When Ding Kelan inspected the newly formed planning class,Tian Lu would definitely mistake it for Ye Xingkong。however,There is no such coincidence。
He wears a construction helmet,I didn’t think it would be familiar at all“he”,She just got a glimpse,And then continue to busy with the work,An opportunity to recognize people just passed by。
If you don’t wear a head protection mask,Maybe it will be their second time“Recognize”Opportunity,But by coincidence, I missed it。Fate seems to be here but it is like sand in the palm of your hand,Seeps through the fingers。
First day of work,For Tian Lu,Never expected,I didn’t expect to be notified on the first day of the interview。