Tut!Old Chen Nahuo,Obviously came with Hu Yang,But these two days,He never bubbling,Basically just hang out with his confidantes。

Learned,Today, Brother Hu, they are going to Changhua,He just showed up。
I saw his frivolity,Everyone looks like a serious illness。
“Lao Chen,Pay attention to temperance!At this young age,I’m afraid I will be powerless in the future!”Hu Yang advised。
Hua Zai et al,And the audience in the live broadcast room,Can’t help laughing。
Old Chen waved his hand:“Kindness,It’s not good to live up to the beauty。”
Get!Populus has nothing to say,Now live up to the grace of beauty,I’ll betray my wife from now on,Not afraid that love is a light?
“Pay attention to yourself!”Hu Yang didn’t say much。
Subsequently,Their group,Go straight to Changhua。
Changhua Town is not far from Hangzhou City,Not far but far,After all in Lin’an。Because everyone drives,It didn’t take much time。
Hua Zi thought,Will be a sparsely populated mountain corner,Unexpectedly there are a lot of people。
“right now,Vigorously develop tourism everywhere,Especially in places like us,Less mountains,More plains,There is a mountain that can’t wait to be surrounded as a tourist area。”Wen Wenhao explained。
Their destination,Is the source of the West Zhejiang Grand Canyon——altitude 1300 Around Yuyan Mountain。
“He is old zhou,My comrade,At this,He is a local snake,Is also our next guide。”Wen Wenhao introduced。
Everyone look,Is a very clever man,A bit dark。But this black guy is different,Is caused by frequent sun exposure,Not born。
“Then there is Brother Lao Zhou。”Populus takes the lead to say hello。
Old Zhou smiled:“Since it was brought by Old Wen,That’s my friend,you are welcome。”