Wait for the two sides to stand apart,You can clearly see the footprint on the chest,But with the existence of the aura,slowly disappear。

“My promise to you still exists,Give up the opportunity to attack。You can go back safely。”Xia Chenglong has already spoken to the face。
“just you?”
Ma Teng sneered,Want him to be a deserter?
“Long Xia Chen,Do you think besides speed,You can beat me elsewhere?”
Since I want to play with him,Then play to the end。
indeed,As an old man,He can’t just be a speed master,At least the old man will give him some life-saving things。
Even if Xia Chenglong didn’t want to kill him,This assumption still exists。
“Big Wave Gold Rush!”
“Golden Sword Art!”
“Canglang cut!”
For a time,The speed-based battle suddenly became a martial arts competition,Ma Teng thinks that in this respect,A guy who didn’t know where it came from,How could it be his opponent。