After explaining the importance of the Chinese government to the passenger car business,Hu Liang changed the topic,Finally explained his intention:“But you know Mr. Chen,Our country’s technical strength in engines is relatively weak,And youramcIs one of the largest automotive industry groups in the world,So can you transfer part of the engine manufacturing and patented technology to us?

Ok,If you can,We very much hope to be able to obtainamcGuidance。”
Said so much,It turns out that Hu Liang and the Chinese government’s goal is here!
Chen Geng did not directly answer Hu Liang’s question,But to say:“I can understand your mood,But the automobile industrial park base we cooperated with has not been fully completed yet,Consider this now,Is it a bit too anxious?”
Chen Geng’s answer did not surprise Hu Liang or even the entire senior management.,If Chen Geng easily agreed,That’s the hell。He explained:“There is a saying‘Weak foundation,The earth shakes’,We are now ready to lay a solid foundation。
And then again,So many excellent foreign auto parts manufacturers are based on their trust in us,Settled in our auto parts industrial park,If you can’t make the big guys make money,We are not embarrassed,We also hope that in addition to earning foreign exchange through export,Help everyone develop the domestic market,Let everyone make more money……”
Listen to what Hu Liang said,If Chen Geng doesn’t know the development history of China in the next 20 to 30 years,Maybe it was really fooled by Hu Liang,But now?,Chen Geng just wanted to laugh:Obviously you guys want to steal Mimi,Still said so“Unselfish,Specialist”?
But now,Chen Geng pretended not to know,He thought a little,Asked:“So……The goal you plan to introduce is?”
First821chapter Entry point
“The boss is the boss,Really……”
Looking at Hu Liang,Not far away, Meng Haibo couldn’t help but sigh in a low voice。
Huang Wenqing took the conversation:“Really domineering。”
The hearts of the two are surging,Although Chengfa Factory was also a key national guarantee enterprise before,But talking about the waist,It’s not as straight as it is now——When the running club asked for money and projects,,That’s really hard,That’s like now,Although the funds need to be raised by themselves,But the boss has never made the company worry about funding,Since the establishment of COMAC,When have you seen others winking because of money??
When the two were talking,Chen Geng is here,Watching the two chatting happily,He is a little curious:“What are you two talking about?”
“Mr. Chen……”
“Mr. Chen……”