The long-haired man and yellow hair were also taken aback,I am a little confused about what kind of medicine is sold in the gourd of this pretty boy。

Bad comer,The good will not come!
Huang Mao moved inward subconsciously,Don’t want to get too close to someone。
“Who are you?”Long-haired man looks bad,Frowned。
The girl squeezed in the corner quietly raised her head,Curiously looking at this guy who appeared suddenly。
Lu Menglin really doesn’t look aggressive,Gentle and gentle,The body is not the kind of burly,And always have a lovely smile on his face。
“Logically,I shouldn’t bother both of you。But,I want to remind you of something,So as not to make a big mistake。”
Not waiting for two responses,Lu Menglin smiled,Continue spout:“You probably don’t know yet,The policy of the Ministry of Public Security has just come down,This autumn and winter will start a new round of crackdown。Press the behavior just now,If you put it on the last time,you,Gangster,Coercing women,With a knife,Serious,Either shot or indefinitely。”
“And you,Even an accessory,As long as the crime of hooliganism,At least ten years sentenced。”Lu Menglin turned his head and smiled at Huang Mao,Scared the other party’s bull’s eyes rounded,Staring straight at him。
The long-haired man was shocked,About to refute,Lu Menglin sneered:“Of course,I’m not here to reason with you。How about we make gestures according to the rules of the arena?”
Talk about it,Lu Menglin unzipped his jacket casually,Revealing the white crew neck shirt inside。
The long-haired man is about to say a few words,A look in Lu Menglin’s chest,Suddenly withered。
Because this kid’s pure white round neck shirt has four big red characters printed on the chest,“Tongcheng Martial Arts School。”
“Not many people come,Only five or six。Na,Are all sitting there!”
Talk about it,Lu Menglin turned his head,Beckoned to Guiqin and the group of people,Smiled。
The boys were staring at the situation here,When I saw Lu Menglin took the initiative to greet them,Suddenly scared his eyes wide,Turn your face aside,For fear of getting into trouble。
“Look at,Several seniors are laughing at me!If it’s not fair, you two,I’m pretty shameless。But the ugly words are ahead,I don’t practice well,Their hands are much darker than mine。”Lu Menglin kept smiling,Speak unambiguously。
These words calmed the long-haired man and the yellow hair,Start empty-handed,All by one mouth,The more you talk, the more mysterious。
If the opponent comes up,Long-haired men are daring to fight and fight,But when they came up, they talked about the crackdown first,More than people,Then it showed the sign of the martial arts school,How can this be done?