Our province requires insurance role to do a good job in agricultural disaster relief

Our province demanded an insurance role to do a good job in agricultural disaster relief and resection and rescue, the farmers’ income, and the province deploy agricultural disaster relief work, clarifying that insurance institutions should check the legal claims in time, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of investment, and effectively reduce the damage of farmers, help Farmers resume production order as soon as possible.

  The relevant person in charge of the provincial agricultural rural residents said that the importance of insurance in the disaster prevention and mitigation can help farmers will resume production order as soon as possible, helping to stabilize farmers’ income, stabilize agricultural production, especially the "vegetable basket" product supply. Our province is clear, and insurance institutions should do a good job in insurance survey, loss, claims, and pay attention to the leadership of the responsible comrades, and organize grassroots branches to enter the disaster as soon as possible. Work in the field. All localities must ensure that the reporting channel is smooth, enhance the timely, accuracy of the survey of agricultural insurance, and open the green channel of the claim, timely, and full payment will pay the claims.

  Our province emphasizes that all localities must combine actual, strengthen the pre-preparation, eliminate risk hazards, and use good disaster prevention and loss of money. Encourage all parts of agricultural production disaster relief funds and agricultural insurance disaster prevention and protection, etc. At the same time, all localities should surround the characteristic agricultural products with certain development or geographical marks, climate marks and brand effects, actively carry out local characteristics of agricultural products insurance, do insurance innovation and design, and expand the coverage of insurance coverage. (Reporter Lee Yue) +1.