“See him in justice,Then the identity of the intelligence vendor!But no matter what,I need a cover identity.,So I plan to open a store!”

“What business are you planning to open??”
“pharmacy!Open pharmacies have great benefits to our future,Because once the war,Pharmaceutical is the first to become a military control material,I have opened a pharmacy in the Japanese, I can raise medicines for us.!”
Ouyang Tou listened to the past:“What you think is really long!I’m with you!Justice my family also has a medicinal material business,Do you intend to open the pharmacy in the public rental??”
“Do you think it??”
“sure!But what do you help you with the drug store??”Ouyang Du said that there is some red halo on his face.,
Rui Rui, I want to look out.:“Savior!”
Ouyang lotus listened to the mouth:“You intend to play a hero to save the United States!Then let me fall in love with you and help you with your family.!Is this planning??”
“Ha ha,Ouyang big beauty is smart!good,I will let Japanese special vacation dressed as a black dragon.,At that time I saved the United States,You help me in order to use your father’s person.!This plot is very common,It is easy for people to believe。”
Ouyang Mo listened nodded:“Nine brothers are not a nine brother,This special class will also support you.!Because they understand the purpose of your design!But can’t really let the devil account for me.!”
“How can it be!Who dares to take you cheap, I promise to kill him.!You tell me the two days of itinerary,Looking back, I arrange the hero to save the United States.,At that time you have to play like some,Be really afraid!”Cooperate, knowing that the devil special agent is not a desperate road.,
“Do not worry!I also have received professional training?!if not!The six brothers will let me come to you.!Look down on people!”
“You are my holy.!How dare to be a little,Isn’t this worried about the safety of Sheng?!Whee!~”
“Ha ha,Tongue,Then how do you repay my holy??”Ouyang Duo is quite good,Everything is because this kid is talking too much.,
“What do you want?!”
“Don’t mean more yourself,How do I thank I am happy?!”
“it is good!My thank you will make Ouyang Dashang’s happy!”
After discussing with Ouyang Dushi, it’s hard to be practical.,He returned to the special high school and reported his plan and ferry Tab.:“Class long!I need two people to cooperate.,So I am close to Ouyang Duo!After that, I will find a way to open a pharmacy in the public rental.!”
“A pharmacy?”
“Correct!Yihe Ocean has a drug business,When I arrived in the Ouyang family, I was very convenient.!”
“well!Long Chunjun is worthy of the high school students of the Central Army School!I will enter the state so soon.!very good!Let’s do it according to your thoughts.!The person of the special lesson, you can call two things.!They do this light car ripe!”
“Hayi!Thank you for your support!”
Two days later,Under the cooperation of two devils,Rui Rui staged a Chinese hero to play the heroic deeds of the Yulong people to save Ouyang family,to this end,Ouyang Xilin is a big feast, and thank you well.,You must know that there are several people who dare to provoke the Japanese waves in the Black Dragon Club in that era.!
Special qualification
“Class long!Long Pool Lieutenant successfully received the trust of Ouyang Xilin and Ouyang Duo!It seems that his plan will succeed.!”Special lesson, Changyan Temple, Kang Kang, said with a ferry,
“寺!Long Pool Juncai is not only master of multi-language,Still the high school students of CIC,The Qianyong Gong of the Harbin special agent has praised him.,Yisi Ying Yixian is also very optimistic about him.!If this thing he is successful,Let him use this Chinese identity for a long time.!You sent people to make this identity.!Don’t have any flaws!Preventing some people from investigation!”Watanabe Tabo said that there is a long-term latent plan for Jiugu Jun.。
“Hayi!Fate course!Long Pool is a minor, I want to apply for some funds.!this is……”
“approve!Tell the long pool to let him open the drug store!Be doing!”
Rui Rui got a financial relationship with Ouyang family to put the pharmacy.,Let Fu Yingxue to manage pharmacy is rushing and thoughtful,Her current is Yanshan Yamei,It is a foreign nationals who come to Shanghai for many years.,And Long Pool home is the SHICI,It is completely banned。
In addition, there is a little more reliable.,Fu Yingxue does not have any horizontal links with other underground organizations of Shanghai.,I know that Fu Yingxue and myself have only a certain head.。
“Ritual!Tell you good news,Organize agree with your application!The comrades of the South Term will go three days later.!”
“Great!”I heard that Chen Jiaying is so happy to be happy.,This system gives the group task of the system.。
“She is a boat!This is your adapter number!”
“She knows that is me??”
“I should not know!”
Chapter 33 Happy and extremely shadow sister!
Even if there is an Ouyang home to help,The pharmacy is not so simple.,Ouyang Dush is, it is a distorted show that everyone is unable to show.。
Rui Rui and Fu Yingxue have been busy in the drug store.,Rui Rui, a married young Chinese woman who has some medicine common sense is a clerk.,And posted the recruitment notice, the Chinese and Western Medicine Doctor。
Rui Rui is named Huimin Phago,Since doing the like image,This is also Rui Rui you mean,And it is also one of the famous pharmacies in Shanghai.。