I saw Qin Feng,But relieved,“Can’t you make a sound while walking?!Are you trying to scare me to death。”

“Hehe,I will pay attention next time。”Qin Feng touched his nose,Embarrassed,I didn’t mean to be scary,Mainly because I hurried over,This uses a bit of internal force,This natural……
“promise,Give you。”Qin Feng threw the key on the table directly,Said:“Go early and return early!”
“Yep,Good。”Qin Feng took it,Sentence:“This is what the wife often says to the husband who goes out!”
Finished,It’s just a smoke,Run straight。
He can’t imagine,If you keep it,what’s going to happen。
“you。”Yang Yinyin just wanted to talk about setting up,But no one,Stomped hard,Said:“How can a husband treat his wife this way?!”
Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Two Too much pressure
Finished,But it was a bite,“Who is your wife!You bastard,Really narcissistic,You want to be beautiful……”
“sister,what are you saying?Who is narcissistic,Who thinks of beauty?”Yang Yinyin’s weak question,She just finished homework,But I saw my sister was very angry。
“what!”Yang Yinyin’s face suddenly turned red,Said hurriedly:“No,It’s nothing,Just with a suitor……”
But my heart is thumping,This,What happened to myself?
“Oh。”Yang Xiaoying didn’t doubt anything,Walk to the kitchen,Open the refrigerator,Take out a bottle of drink,My sister has many suitors,She also knows。