“……Wang Shuai said Chen Wenjin was fighting a group in Qinghe,It’s Xiao Wang?”The tank feels incredible。

“He was drunk,Bad street,I took advantage,Knocked him down with one blow,No head-to-head。”Chen Wenjin explained,To dispel the shock of the tank,Got out of the car immediately,Locked the car door and said:“Let’s go。”
Chen Wenjin did come this way,When Sister Huo left Qinghe before,,This is the way to go。
Even Chen Wenjin was very suspicious,Maybe Wang Shuai and A Bao will be taken to that seat by Xiao Wang、The cement bungalow where Huo’s father put the car。
This kind of thing Xiao Wang will avoid others,In that case, it won’t be brought back to Qinghe,If you know that no one in that house,Temporary borrowing is also normal,The house is quiet。
Chen Wenjin leads,Four of them are farther and farther from the food stall。
Chen Wenjin looked back,Very concerned about that table of diners,He looked at the impressed man,But he just can’t remember,Have to give up。
Far away from the food stall,No street lights,Dark,Makes Xiao Xiao and Amei feel scared,As if something would come out in the dark at any time。
Xiao Xiao hides behind Chen Wenjin,Put a hand on his shoulder,The other is holding Ami,The tank is at the end。
“Where did they go?”May can’t help but ask,Chen Wenjin quickly said:“keep quiet。”
Walked like this for ten minutes,They finally saw the light of a shaking flashlight ahead。
Chen Wenjin whispered:“Should be them。Easy to handle when the light is on,We keep our distance and follow。”
“Now you can speak quietly?”Xiao Xiao tried to ask in a low voice,Chen Wenjin said with a smile:“Ok。I was afraid that they didn’t have a flashlight,In case someone is ahead of us,Exposed。”
The tank said anxiously:“Will they take Wang Shuai to Qinghe??”
“probably not。Met by someone with a heart,It’s possible。”Chen Wenjin from memory,I guess it’s not far from the house where Sister Huo drove before。