Gu Jin nodded and said:“Fortunately I went to trouble you,Otherwise, when do you want to delay,Good to come back,That room has been reserved for you,You are here to make a breakthrough,Don’t worry about others。”

Xiao Fan smiled and said yes,The relationship between two people seems to be back to the past,Very comfortable,Very kind,It’s like a long-lost family reunion again。
Xiao Fan didn’t bring any luggage,Gu Jin told him to prepare,Xiao Fan was happy too。He went back to his room,ThinkingAI don’t know what happened。
Actually Xiao Fan can remotely monitor Lin’s house,base,Every move of company people。But he doesn’t want to watch,Since he made a decision,I just want to make a single-minded breakthrough。
Come back soonAcountry,And Xiao Fan believes that Lin Yoona will be strong,I believe Fan Lao Yiming, Shen Lin and Su Ran will take care of everything and wait for him to return。
Wait for Xiao Fan to go back again,Is the real king,He can protect everyone,Won’t give anyone a chance。
At this momentAcountry,Lin,a mess,Shen Lin and Yiming and Su Ran are standing in the living room,Somewhat helpless。
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Six Lim Yoona broke out
Lin Yoona refused to come down upstairs,Actually, Shen Lin knew before that Lin Yoona would be the most difficult thing to solve。
at this time,Shen Lin’s idea was confirmed,Lin Yoona just refused to accept the fact that Xiao Fan left。Yiming and Su Ran are also helpless。
Originally they wanted to hide how long it was,Who would have thought that Lin Yoona went directly to the base?,Those people told her directly that Xiao Fan was out because he was going to work。
Lin Yoona knows that the matter has been resolved,But Xiao Fan is gone,Said nothing,I can’t get in touch anymore,Lin Yuna fainted。
Fortunately, Yiming was at the base,discovered in time,Sent Lin Yoona back to the Lin family,It’s just that Lin Yoona won’t speak after waking up,I didn’t listen to their explanation,They had to wait in the living room。