2021 Ethnic Yellow River Style Belt International Highway Bike Singles

People’s Network Beijing October 6th (Hao Shuai) 5th, two days of 2021 "Pleasant Cup" ring Binzhou Yellow River Style Belt International Highway Bicycle Tournament in Binzhou Olympics Center.

A total of 108 elite rides in 18 professional teams have launched a fierce competition.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the drivers start from the Binzhou Olympics Center, along the Yellow River 10 Road, Xin Lihe West Road to the south, around Xinlihe West Road (Huanghe 5 South), Changjiang 5th Road, Bohai 20, Yangtze River Third Road,After the Bohai 18th Road, Huanghe 5th Road, Jincheng River Western Road riding 7 laps, returning from the 18th Road of Bohai, Huang River 11th Road, full km.The competition sets the sprint points in the second turn, the 4th lap, the 6th lap, km, kilometers, and the kilometers will set the climbing point at kilometers.